Wednesday, 30 December 2009


(Rev 3: 21)
What worthy accolade can we give
The Overcomer? None; it is beyond us.
But - blessed be His Name - the Father
Has made room for Him on His throne.

He awaits the Father's time, when He
Will take His own throne. There He will reign
One thousand years, the Ruler among men -
Just - as a priest upon a throne.

(1 Cor 15: 20-28)
And when the Son gives up the kingdom
To Him who is God and Father, and is placed
In subjection - will that diminish His glory?
No; it will, rather, glorify subjection.


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  1. david!..YOU are talking about thrones too..ha! just like i said one other time,,,the holy spirit is making sure that his people are all studying the same thing and so many times at the same time, no matter what part of the world they are in!

    this passage in Corinthians really puzzles me. i have read the verses you mentioned here and i never saw it before of the son being in subjection. it is too much for my mind to comprehend and so i will study on it some more.
    i am glad that you brought this is very deep though!

    thanks david for all of your studying and all of your giving it to us!
    i hope i am caught of these times and it would be a miracle, i will have a little time to read over your whole blog.
    i would love THAT!!
    in the mean time, i better catch that train!!!...from terry


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