Sunday, 20 December 2009


As time drew on the Lord's disciples wondered
Where He would eat the feast as was His custom;
Peter and John selected from the others
He sent to find it and to prepare His Supper.
Simple directions He did not choose to utter
But careful words to prove that they were worthy.
They were to meet a person laden under
An earthen pitcher as necessary turning,
Accepting thus a spiritual adjustment.
Arriving at the house that he would come to
They were to tell the master what Jesus wanted
And he would show them a large room, ready, furnished.

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  1. J.Drummond gave us an encouraging word in Aberdeen last Tues, beginning with the Supper. I have taken a little liberty in compressing it.

    "Let not your heart be troubled...
    I will not leave you orphans,
    I am coming to you";
    The Lord comes
    To us.
    (John 14:18)

    The dead in Christ shall rise first
    Then we, the living, shall meet
    The Lord in the air;
    Jesus will come
    For us.
    (1 Thess 4:16,17)

    To all who love His appearing:
    The Spirit and the bride say, Come;
    Christ will come
    With us.
    (Rev 22:17)


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