Saturday, 24 August 2019


Since the verdict of the cross
Will be overturned
By the Supreme Judge
We love Christ's appearing.

Since Peace shall reign
And mankind shall rest securely
Under Vine and Fig-free
We love Christ's appearing.

Since the forest shall flourish
And cattle increase
And the beasts be at peace
We love Christ's appearing.

Since the Sun of righteousness
Will warm,and lighten, and control,
And the righteous leap,
We love Christ's appearing.

Since the Father's fatherhood
Will embrue earth
And the Spirit permeate
We love Christ's appearing.

Since we shall be beside Him,
Sharing in His headship,
His resplendent Bride
We love Christ's appearing!


In one way there was a verdict at the cross that will not be overturned - for there we were crucified too.  Should I change anything to guard that point?

Wednesday, 21 August 2019


Egypt’s water - the first we knew -

Turned to blood

At the twirl of a staff.

Glad were we when the Red Sea’s water

Left the Egyptian shore

Irretrievably cut off.

Bitter were we till Marah’s drink

Was transformed for us

By cast wood.

Fertility greeted us,

Seventy palm trees,

At the twelve springs of Elim.

We murmured, but it was the Rock

Which was smitten; the Rock

Which gave water.

And the Rock was willing

To follow; to serve water

At the lawgiver’s request.

After our wandering years

At last we could wield staves

To dig the well.

The last water, Jordan, dashed

Hopes; till the ark

Championed our passage.

We have been brought to a good land,

A land of waterbrooks, of springs,

And of deep waters,

That gush forth in the valleys and hills.

Wednesday, 14 August 2019


(Numbers 13: 25)
Found by searching
These figs - with the grapes,
And pomegranates -
Are fruit of the Land.

(Judges 9:10,11)

Whatever surrounds,
Observe in the fig-tree
Determination to produce
Its sweetness.

(! Kings 4: 25)
Security without anxiety:
Throughout the land dwell
Every man
Under his vine and fig-tree.

(1 Chronicles 12: 40)
Food on asses and camels,
Mules and oxen:meal,
Fig-cakes, raisin-cakes ...
Joy's hospitality.

(Proverbs 27: 18)
Who keepeth the fig-tree - 
Digging about it, labouring,
Putting dung - as reward
Shall eat the fruit thereof.

(Song of Songs 2: 13)
The winter chills,
The chill works
Within.  Sun revives;
The winter figs mellow.

(Isaiah 37: 21)
Even for an irruption
Of vileness from within
The plaster of figs
Provides healing.

Thursday, 8 August 2019


I slept. And my Beloved knocked. Alas!
That my response was not alacritous.
How unlike, Acsah springing from her ass,
Or Abigail, my moves were ponderous.
I rose to open but He had withdrawn;
I rose and sought Him but I found Him not.
I asked,where had my Well-beloved gone?
And went to seek Him since I was distraught

The watchmen wounded me. The daughters asked,
What He is like? And then He filled my gaze
With all His loveliness, and as I basked
In all His excellence I told His praise.

Blest Spirit, let me fix my eyes on Him,
And days will not be dull nor I be dim.

Saturday, 3 August 2019


When he heard the word “Look on us”

What did the lame man see? Two

Pillars before the temple, Jachin and Boaz.

A man, founded on the fact and joy

Of the love of Jesus: “He will establish”.

A man, weakened in his nature’s vigour,

Founded in this knowledge: “In Him is strength”.

So that if given power in the Name

Of Jesus Christ the Nazaraean, he still

Clung to that Lord’s conspicuous pillars here.

This refers to Acts 3 and 1 Kings 7: 21.