Monday, 28 December 2009


If men appointed His grave with wicked men
God intervened to utilise reserves:
Pilate would wonder on hearing Joseph beg
The holy body after a shameful death.
Under God's hand Joseph prepared the best,
Cared for the body in which God was expressed.
In his own tomb which he had hewn himself
He laid that body with loving tenderness;
Had an acquaintance come to Jerusalem
He would have judged that Joseph must be dead ‑
In principle he would have been correct:
For him remained no prospect on this earth.


  1. I love the way God speaks through you and the Truth is revealed.

    The post below - "the cross" is awesome!

  2. last week, i was thinking about the clothing of the lord jesus..when he was born he was wrapped in swaddling clothes by his mother, and when he was arrested, the soldiers put the purple robe on him and they gambled for his garments that surely his own mother had knit for him and finally taken down from the cross by the clean hands of joseph of arimathaea, his body was wrapped in the clean linen.
    what a joy that when he rose again he must have beem wearing shining garments as he went back to heaven.
    he arose and entered the very heaven where he will take us and we will be robed in garments of salvation!
    i am so glad that you have written these posts at this season david..the finished story!...from terry


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