Friday 18 March 2022


God bless the sailors brave to-night

Upon the surging sea,

Who're fighting hard against the storm,

Protecting you and me.


The lightning flash, the thunder peals,

The surging billows roll;

'Tis then the sailor's work begins—

The boat they must control.


Oh, raging sea, why not be still?

Oh, lightning, thunder, cease!

Oh, mighty storm, why not be calm?

Oh, why not hold thy peace?


Lord, calm again this raging sea,

If it's Thy holy will;

Pray let me hear Thy loving voice

Say to the wind, "Be still!"


James Ephraim McGirt (1874-1930)

Monday 14 March 2022

The Preamble


The Royal Observatory

On Blackford Hill

Arthur's Seat

Edinburgh Castle, with the Firth of Forth and the hills of Fife behind

A Winter Evening in Edinburgh

Amid the Oceon of Adversity,

Neare whelmed in the Waves of sore Vexation,

Tormented with the Floods of Misery,

And almost in the Guise of Despairacion,

Neare destitute of Comfort, full of Woes,

This was her Case that did the same compose:


At length Jehovah by his power divine,

This great tempestious Storm did mittigate.

And cause the Son of Righteousnesse to shine

Upon his Child that seemed desolate,

Who was refreshed, and that immediatly,

And Sings as follows with alacrity.

An Collins (Published 1653)