Wednesday 31 August 2011


Lord Jesus, come,  appear in majesty
And demonstrate Thy power  where Thou wast slain.
Where once Thy shame  was seen at Calvary
Now let Thy splendour  be lavishly displayed.
Let Thy renown  be ardently acclaimed
Upon the earth  where men despised Thy Name.
Like the ascendant sun  dispense Thy rays,
Glory of love  and dignity of grace;
Like the transcendent sea,  wave upon wave,
Unfold Thy power  that all may be amazed:
Lord Jesus, come;  assert Thy royalty;
Assume Thy throne;  for a millennium, reign!

Tuesday 30 August 2011


Fear Jehovah, ye
His saints; for there is no want
To them that fear Him.

Monday 29 August 2011

Sunday 28 August 2011


I can depend on
The Bernoulli principle
To keep me aloft.

Or so I remember from physics lessons!

Saturday 27 August 2011


Blessed is the man
Whose transgression's forgiven,
Whose sin is covered.

Thursday 25 August 2011

Wednesday 24 August 2011


Pondering on the greatness of the Son
We are reminded that so great a One
Could own the Father’s place - “greater than I”;
So great indeed that He alone could be
The God of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Father
Of glory. Yet in grace this glorious One
Has chosen that He should be known as “Father”,
A title of affection and delight.

Tuesday 23 August 2011


Eleven men were standing
Beside the fervent preacher;
But - he'd denied the Master!
How could they stand with Peter?
The Spirit's power commanded
New courage and fresh speaking
Transforming all their actions.

What kind of men were needed
To do the menial business?
Men who we filled, like Stephen,
With wisdom and the Spirit.
His service superseded:
Towards God's people, Israel,
He preached God's last appealing.

And such a man was Philip
Who, having served at tables,
Soon was evangelistic -
Directed to the waste-land
He listened to the Spirit
And preached the Christ as Saviour
Until he was uplifted.

The Spirit had selected
A "son of consolation"
From Antioch's assembly
To join with Paul's campaigning -
Subject to Him, their service
Towards those of the nations
Was powerful and effectual.

After he was forbidden
To speak the word in Asia,
Sensitive to the Spirit
Of Jesus, Paul first waited;
Then came the westward vision
And Europe was invaded
To spread the Saviour's kingdom.

Imprisoned for His Master
The great apostle listened
(Unwillingly laid fallow)
To promptings of the Spirit.
As living in their grandeur
He told in His epistles
God thoughts in all their vastness.

While on the Isle of Patmos,
Becoming in the Spirit,
John saw again his Master
If in a changed condition.
He thus was undistracted
To hear of God's provisions
To settle Earth's transactions.

Monday 22 August 2011


After the struggle
Tim heads a house set towards
The tabernacle.

My son-in-law

Sunday 21 August 2011

Saturday 20 August 2011


Love, at a great cost,
Has given a place among
The brethren of Christ.

Friday 19 August 2011

Thursday 18 August 2011


Lord Jesus, come,  amid Thy holy myriads
Bringing Thy sunshine  where everything is wintry,
Bringing Thy sweetness  where everything is bitter.
Blessing will flow  without an intermission
And all the earth  will flourish in Thy kingdom:
Gone will be pain,  disease, distress and sickness;
None will be hungry,  dissatisfied or thirsty
While bliss will penetrate  each ecosystem
And agriculture  will pullulate with richness
Even upon  the highest of the hilltops.
What metamorphoses  mankind will witness
When Thou art come  to actuate God’s vision!

Wednesday 17 August 2011


We praise the One who took us into favour
In the Beloved - in the Glorified
To whom the Father rightly gave the place
Of greatest favour.  That was righteousness
Of Him, the righteous Father, thus enhancing
The glory that relates to righteousness.

Tuesday 16 August 2011

Monday 15 August 2011


Another birthday
Does not diminish a meek
And quiet spirit.

For that is Rosemary's birthday.

Sunday 14 August 2011


Grace repeatedly
Answer's the believer's cry,
"Strengthen me ... this once".

Saturday 13 August 2011

Friday 12 August 2011


Burst into singing
Ye mountains, the forest, and
Every tree therein!

See Isaiah 44: 23

Thursday 11 August 2011


What grace of the Father
To invest me
With the Best Robe -
The measure of Christ's worth.

Who else but God
Could nourish me with
Exotic cuisine:
The Bread of God?

Love in the Giver;
Love in the Gift -
Each, the Lord and the Spirit,
God personally.


Wednesday 10 August 2011


Jehovah Elohim
To be a clothes-maker
To cover Man's nakedness.

The God of glory
Condescended to give
His recalcitrant prophet Elijah
Two breakfasts.

And the Rock - smitten once -
Was prepared to be
The nation of Israel's


Silent Valley

Tuesday 9 August 2011


But who has shown the Bride the worth of Christ
And led her to appreciate His grace?
Who makes His presence a reality
And quickens us, and strengthens us, and helps?
The Holy Spirit whom the Father sent.

Considering the Spirit’s patient work
In service to the Lord and to His bride
We honour Him; considering the end
He has achieved we bow; considering
The glory that is personally His
Although He has descended in His grace
We worship, And considering the love
Which motivates His industry, we love.

And He is with us in the Father’s house
Because He is the Spirit of God’s Son
And Spirit of adoption.  He has cried
Within us “Abba, Father” and thus taught
Sons how to speak - and given power to cry:
Give thanks to Him for making sonship real!

And for us to have access to the Father
Is a great wonder - we approach through Christ
And would not wish to come apart from Christ;
While we are strengthened by the Spirit’s power
And could not come without the Spirit’s power.

Monday 8 August 2011


What comes from His death
Corresponds with what He has
Carried through His death.

Friday 5 August 2011

Thursday 4 August 2011


Walk in the country
Among the gentle cattle
And green grass and trees.

Wednesday 3 August 2011


Thank the Lord for books
Which bear impressions of Him
Treasured by past saints.

Tuesday 2 August 2011


The Spirit of God
Gives power: but longs to be near,
Source of refreshment.

Monday 1 August 2011