Saturday 29 April 2023


God chose boards of acacia to uphold

His tabernacle; an acacia rod

Bound it; and all was overlaid with gold,

For the humility of One who trod

Among the grief of man's hostility

 Is that alone which suit the heart of God,

Yet others formed in that humanity

Glorify God in their conformity.

Granton Harbour, Edinburgh
Where my father came every weekday to buy fish

Saturday 22 April 2023


Five pillars of acacia-wood sustained

The entrance-curtain, whereby were displayed

These colours, which the mind of God ordained.

All speaks of Christ, who perfectly portrayed

The varied glories which delight God's heart,

In everything He did, or thought, or said.

And through His grace we enter to take part

In graces He has chosen to impart.

Tuesday 18 April 2023


Ten curtains formed of byssus twined, and blue,

Purple, and scarlet, clasped as one with gold

- God's tabernacle - met the approacher's view.

Thus those who see the house of God behold

That it has moral features of the Lord,

The fulness of whose worth cannot be told,

So that the house knows nothing untoward

Since it is merged in heavenly accord.

They're trying to educate me about weather.  My tutor explains:

Cumulus humilis radiatus to be exact! (Translation from Latin: cumulus = small heaped clouds; humilis = longer than taller; radiatus = arranged in parallel lines).  They are forming preferentially over the mountains (due to air temperature at mountain height being greater than in free atmosphere over the nearby lowlands, thus creating gentle anabatic winds which blow upslope and generate the clouds. In contrast, the air above the cool water of the Firth is cloud free.

The view is the Ochil Hill from Bo'ness, with the Forth between. 

Saturday 8 April 2023



The eleven goats' hair curtains formed the tent,
While clasps of copper formed it as a whole:
Protecting all within was God's intent.

May God in grace assist us to control
All that would come within His holy place
That all may answer to His holy soul.

Yet all is held together in the grace
Of sufferings the Saviour had to face. 

Wednesday 5 April 2023


 After 68 happy years my mother-in-law hold my father-in-law's hand for the last time.

He is now with his Saviour (both aged 95).

Saturday 1 April 2023


Men brought goats' hair; and women who were moved

In heart by wisdom spun it; and a tent

Covered the holies as God's will behoved.

Christ's consecration drove Him till He went

Into the distance and the dark alone:

No spite or favour moved Him to relent.

And hearts to whom this glory has been shown

Protect the sanctuary where God is known.

 Low Pond, Pennycuik House

High Pond, Pennycuik Hosuse