Tuesday, 27 December 2016


Clearly that day was not when first
Rebecca used the well's resource
For strength to slake the camel's thirst
Came since the well was her recourse.

What kindness Thou hast shown to us,
Blest Spirit, in that Thou wilt be
A constant living well, and thus
To give the power to go with Thee.

Such kindness, too, Rebecca showed
And this is what God's people show
Because God's grace has overflowed
To those who walk in Thee below.

Saturday, 24 December 2016


"My Spirit shall not always plead",
God said.  And yet Thou didst plead on
In grace, but when men felt their need
The opportunity was gone.

Yet in our day Thou dost plead still
In the glad tidings of God's grace,
Pleading to "whosoever will",
While mercy waits in every case.

We honour Thy long-suffering
Throughout the dispensation's years,
And help for saints, which Thou dost bring
Till their long-suffering appears.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016


Out of the earth a mist arose,
Providing moisture to the ground;
In this environment God chose
To make Man from the tilth He found.

Blest Spirit, fruit which God desires
Needs more that what grace has endued;
But what will suit God's eye requires
What by Thyself hast been imbued.

How blest that goodness may be known
In what Thy patience has secured;
What endless goodness Thou hast shown
So that God's pleasure is assured.

Monday, 19 December 2016


O Holy Spirit, Thou didst show
Thy vigilance above the waste,
Alert on God's behalf to know
Firstfruits of what would suit His taste.

Although in Christ Thou didst have rest,
And, in His church, Thy dwelling-place
Thy skill and movements still attest
To patient watchfulness in grace.

Still Thou dost seek what suits God's heart,
Resulting from Thy work and ways;
Blest Spirit, knowing who Thou art
Thy patient love draws out our praise.

Friday, 16 December 2016


I cannot tell how much my Saviour loves me -
Love led Him to the uttermost to save,
To bless, to heal, to ransom and to free me;
His love has set me free to be His slave.

I cannot tell how much the Shepherd loves me -
His way was far too hard, His woes too deep
For any other man to comprehend them;
But through them He secured me as His sheep.

I cannot tell how much the Bridegroom loves me
With love which longs to have me at His side;
He cherishes and nourishes me always
As I am part of His resplendent bride.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016


The Lamb is worthy to receive
Power, since in weakness He was here,
Upon a cross of shame;
There what no other could achieve
He did, extinguishing death's fear
For those who own His Name.

The Lamb is worthy to receive
Riches, because He came to dwell
Among the meek and poor;
Those whom He came to serve believe
That Jesus has done all things well
To save, and bless, and cure.

The Lamb is worthy to receive
Wisdom because in foolishness
He bore the cross in love;
Thus He is able to retrieve
Lost ones, and finally, to bless
With wisdom from above.

The Lamb is worthy to receive
Strength since, as Samson tore the beast,
He rent death's power away;
That which bereft He has bereaved
And gives us honey as a feast
Out of His victory.

The Lamb is worthy to receive
Honour, when He shall come again
To where He was despised;
No more to bear our sins, or grieve,
He will take up His right to reign
And be adored and prized.

The Lamb is worthy to receive
Glory, and have the highest place
Among the justified;
His sanctified companions cleave
To Him alone since, through His grace,
They too are glorified.

The Lamb is worthy to receive
Blessing because He came to bless
Through ways of grief and shame;
Bless then the One who chose to leave
The heights of heaven, and confess
The glory of His Name!

Wednesday, 7 December 2016


If the wind blows where it will
Why did it blow upon me?
Touched by the sovereign Wind
Now there is life that is real;
Lacking that wonderful birth
All that the Spirit reveals
Would have been lost to my mist.

If I am conscious of life
Pulsing within me towards God
It must be life that's divine.
What, by the Spirit, is wrought,
Quickened together with Christ,
He will be sure to conform
Unto Christ's image, in fine.

If I experience joy
While I am still in this world,
So that my spirit is warmed,
This is because of His work:
Now He is shedding abroad
God's own ineffable love
Where in my heart He is lodged.

If I am able to cry
Using the voice of a son
- Words, "Abba Father", arise
Answering touches of love -
This is by power I derive
Through what the Spirit now does
And His abundant supply.

If I need guidance to move
Into more spiritual realms
Fleshliness must be eschewed -
None can approach them unless
Led by the Spirit of truth;
He who has searched in the depths
Gives me the power to pursue.

If I am joined to the Lord
Gaining His impulse within,
Answering here to His thoughts,
It is the Spirit who links;
If with the saints Christ has bought
Fellowship now can exist
It is the Spirit who bonds.

If I am soon vivified,
Even my body transformed,
Who is such quickening by?
Not merely "by" - but "because"!
Since God's own Spirit is live
In me what would be a corpse
Will be, like Christ, glorified.

Monday, 5 December 2016


The word is near
That in the gospel we can preach,
Which casts out fear:
Jesus is Lord and, by His breach
Through death, salvation is in reach.

The Lord is near
His own in testimonial days
With words of cheer
Sustaining them through desert ways
And waking their delighted praise.

The time is near
When Christ the Lord will take His throne;
He will appear
With myriad saints who are His own -
His through His work and worth alone.

Saturday, 3 December 2016


First, who is there?  The Son,
Having made purification of sins,
Jesus the Son of God, able
To sympathise as High Priest;

The Minister of the holy places
And of the true tabernacle,
The Leader and Completer of faith,
Who endured the cross, Jesus,

And the One who says to faithful
Saints, “I will be to you for a Father”,
The Father of lights in whom is neither
Variation nor shadow of turning,
The God of our Lord Jesus Christ,
The Father of glory, of whom Jesus
Said not only, “my Father” and “my God”.
But also, “your Father” and “your God”

And the Holy Spirit of God
Is privy to conversations
Of heaven.  He brings to saints
On earth communications heard
Above, so that God’s thoughts
Are known by alert Christians.

There are books there – one
Written before God, His record
Of those who fear Him, who often
Speak together; and the book
Of life of the slain Lamb – where
Are registered the names of the firstborn;
And – rejoice! – my name is written.

And are there the books
The movements of Christ here
Which the world cannot contain?

Blessing is there, stored
For outpouring through the windows
Of heaven; and mercy in which god
Is so rich; the riches of his
Grace; and the kindness of God.

And there are thrones there:
The throne of grace to which approach
Is so welcomed, facilitated by
Our sympathizing High Priest,
Where is store of mercy
And grace for seasonable help;

And the Father’s throne, where sits
Jesus, the Overcomer, crowned
By the Father’s pleasure, while all
This dispensation blessing descends
In the glad tidings of the glory;

And the throne of the greatness
- For “the greatness” is there -
Where our holy, harmless,
Undefiled, separated-from-sinners,
Great High Priest abides
Serving both God and us;

And the throne of God - but
I do not merge or demerge
Thrones – for the Lord Jesus says
The heaven is the throne of God -
But take the force suggested,
And acknowledge divine authority
In the throne of the Supreme Ruler.
And what a display of thrones will be
When Christ takes His own
And enthroned round Him
Will be twenty four elders!
But even now, since we are seated
In the heavenlies in Christ we
Have a place for sitting there,

And there are many abodes
Fitted for the many families
Named and owned by the Father
For His eternal pleasure.
Yet for us the Lord Jesus
Has gone to prepare a place
By His presence in heaven, whence
He will receive us to Himself

And there are angels in heaven,
Demonstrating in created beings
The holy dignity of subjection.
How beautiful is their attendance
On their Master and Lord!  How
Beautiful their attention to us,
Lower than angels, but made,
Sons of the Living God;
But what their privilege as having
Before them the evidence of repentance
Of a sinner, seen in the joy
On the face of the Lord Jesus.

For there is joy in heaven,
And peace in heaven, secured
Also by the work of the Lord,
For heavenly things are too
Purified by the better sacrifice;
And there is power to forgive sins.

In vision Peter saw the sheet
Caught up to heaven, to its place
In concept, in Christ, where it remains
Till the time of actuality; when
She will descend with not only God’s
Glory, but with her own shining.

“Suddenly the sentence fell upon
My soul, ‘Your righteousness is in heaven’”;
In Jesus Christ at God’s right hand:
With wisdom, and holiness, and redemption,
For how much there is in one Man,
With everything entirely secure.

And there are relationships: heavenly
In character for a heavenly resolution:
Brethren of Christ, in purpose
And practice; the assembly for Christ;
Sons of the living God:
All established through Christ’s death
His resurrection, ascension and glory:
Relish these heavenly joys!

Heaven is the place of reception
Of prayer: “hear thou from the heavens”
Their prayer; “and their prayer came up
To His holy habitation, to the heavens”.
So the prayers and alms of Cornelius
Went up for a memorial before God.

And Enoch is there, and Elijah,
Caught up into heaven; and I doubt
Moses was returned to his grave.

“Jehovah will open the thee,
His good treasure, the heavens”;
For what a good treasure it is!
The stores of blessing abound,
As what in the past was eternally
In His mind, which will not diminish
In an eternal future, is unladen
Already upon the willing-hearted.

And in heaven’s impregnable vaults
I too keep treasure; where maggots,
Or oxidation can have no effect
And the burglars who make entry
Have jimmied there by repentance!
For I have a deposit entrusted
To heaven, to expend at my coming.

Jehovah stretched out the heavens by
His understanding – amazing to ponder
God presenting Himself as having
“His understanding”; what could be Greater
Than His understanding; everything
Not only created and sustained
But understood by God! Making
The heavens wisdom was beside Him
And now our wisdom is there in Christ
And wisdom is the benefit of His headship.

“But the wisdom from above first is
Pure, then peaceful, gentle
Yielding, full of mercy
And good fruits, unquestioning,
Unfeigned”: all that was seen
In Christ here – and in heaven.

Yet there is fire there; needed
For a holy God; needed
By a loving God’s favour
Who marked by fire His approval
Of the burnt-offerings and their givers,
Moses, and David, and Solomon,
And Elijah …  Yet what intensity
When it says, “the mountain burned with
Fire to the heart of heaven”:
Where has the concentration of holiness
Been seen?  And where the concentration
Of love?  Both at the cross.
How the heart of heaven felt it!

A Philippian was born with the rights
Of a citizen of Rome; the city
Was a colony of that polity;
And we are a colony of heaven
For our commonwealth exists there.

In God’s view it is normal
To have a representative in heaven;
So the children have their angels who continually
Behold the face of the Father;
But the believer has the High Priest
Appearing before the Father’s face
And the righteous Patron with the Father.

Once in actuality a man
In Christ was in heaven, and heard
Things unsuited to our state
In our present mortal condition;
Yet, wonderfully, he could
Hear them, and they embrued his ministry.

LAMED says, “For ever, O Jehovah,
Thy word is settled in the heavens”,
At the mid-point of ALEPH to TAU,
In the grand meditation on “the word”.
Blessed that the active word,
Which runs, which is glorified, which returns
Full, has its place of settledness.

Perhaps I should settle at that.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016



I'm collecting again to help provide vitamins for the poor children in the Medak area of India. 

Are you able to give me some help please?


Tuesday, 29 November 2016


Methinks I see with what a busy haste
Zaccheus climbed the tree. But, O how fast
How full of speed, canst thou imagine (when
Our Saviour called) he powdered down again!
He ne’er made trial if the boughs were sound,
Or rotten; nor how far 'twas to the ground.
There was no danger feared. At such a call
He’ll venture nothing, that dare fear a fall.
Needs must he down, by such a spirit driven;
Nor could he fall, unless he fell to Heaven.
Down came Zaccheus, ravished from the tree;
Bird that was shot, ne’er dropped so quick as he. 

Francis Quarles (1592-1644)

Thursday, 24 November 2016


Our standing on high in the presence of God
Is the fruit of the work being finished.
No sinful departure nor wailed, "Ichabod!"
Can intrude, or its power be diminished.

The virtue of Christ, the burnt-offering, rose
To the nostrils of God in sweet savour;
That worth has effect so that we may be those
Who have access to stand in God's favour.

The Son is in glory, and sits on God's throne,
In the warmth of the Father's affection;
His joy is to praise in the midst of His own,
Those who wear the Beloved's perfection.

Monday, 21 November 2016


(A Villanelle)

Unmarked by human sins or flaws
The Saviour did the Father's will,
The humblest Man that ever was.

Within His heart He had God's laws,
Which He delighted to fulfil,
Unmarked by human sins or flaws.

Men would not have this Man because
Despite temptation He was still
The humblest Man that ever was.

God did not love Him without cause
But chose the Man men wished to kill
Unmarked by human sins or flaws.

He did not wish for man's applause
But loved the part He had to fill,
The humblest Man that ever was.

The beauty of His nature draws
Our hearts to honour with a thrill,
Unmarked by human sins or flaws,
The humblest Man that ever was.

For the quote, "The humblest Man that ever was" see:

Thursday, 17 November 2016


When all were lost
The One Mediator gave
A ransom for all.

It is the Son of God
Who love me and gave
For me.

Christ has loved His assembly
And delivered up
For it.

And if two needed
A shepherd's care, Jesus
Went with them.

Whilst when they were
Folded together He
Stood in the midst.

And when the great time comes
It is the Lord
Who shall descend for us.

He has prepared our place:
"I", He has said,
"Shall receive you to

Monday, 14 November 2016


I looked around
And saw how mankind acted
And what I found

I looked within
Where sinful nature lusted
And all that sin

I looked above
As Jesus' grace incited
And heavenly love

Saturday, 12 November 2016


Colossians 3: 24

We serve the Lord Christ, the Man of God's choice,
And being His bondmen our spirits rejoice;
To purchase redemption His blood has sufficed:
So He is our Master; we serve the Lord Christ.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016


Through knowing Thee, the One we trust,
We flee the world’s polluting lust,
And are maintained among the Just,
Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

We long to see Thee fact to face
And have Thy welcome to our place,
But until then to grow in grace,
Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

How great the time when we shall see
Thy face, and thus be changed to be
Seen in conformity to Thee,
Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Monday, 7 November 2016


Revelation 19: 12

What glorious titles God has given Thee
And as we learn them our affections grow;
Yet as we know them we rejoice to see
Thou hast a Name which Thou alone dost know.

How great the offices Thou dost fulfil,
And Thou hast given each a moral glow,
But as we ponder them we see that still
Thou hast a Name which Thou alone dost know.

And how magnificent the range of names
That God in love has chosen to bestow
On Thee, and yet my wondering soul exclaims,
Thou hast a Name which Thou alone dost know.

Friday, 4 November 2016


Oh who’s the One who’s worthy to regard the book?
The Lion of the tribe of Judah!
Oh who’s the blessed One to whom His people look?
The Lion of the tribe of Judah!

Oh who is it that’s standing as a lamb once slain
The Lion of the tribe of Judah!
Oh who has overcome sin’s power and lives again?
The Lion of the tribe of Judah!

Oh who is it the angels and the saints acclaim?
The Lion of the tribe of Judah!
Oh who is it who gained Himself a glorious Name?
The Lion of the tribe of Judah!

Try adapting "There isn't any room for strangers" for this!

Monday, 31 October 2016


Here in the world where the power of death constantly rages
God in His favour has given, instead of sin’s wages,
Eternal life
Known in Christ Jesus our Lord
Who is the end of the ages.

Nothing can hinder the praises which now are resounding;
Nothing can sever us now from the love that’s abounding:
The love of God
Known in Christ Jesus our Lord,
Foreknown before the earth’s founding.

Now in Christ Jesus our Lord there is seen the fulfilling
Of all God’s purpose for which He was working and willing.
Wisdom of God
Known in Christ Jesus or Lord:
Great the joy He is instilling.

Sunday, 30 October 2016


Eargate was derelict, and mouthgate skewed
While great was the disorder in the keep;
How could the curate’s visit do her good
in her last hours?
  Yet deep could answer deep.
“The Lord’s my Shepherd”, he began, and found
He heard another voice, feebly at first,
Recounting how God made His grace abound:
The Shepherd came to feed, and quench our thirst.

Out of the depth he called the learning child
Whose voice spoke in the woman’s breaking breath;
Words of God’s house, home of the reconciled
Were on her lips as going into death.

Deep answers deep; the Shepherd’s tender arm
Had folded her from pain, neglect and harm.

See Malcolm Guite for the source of this story.

Sunday, 23 October 2016


God sought that love’s embrace
Should heal, redeem and bless
Those who endure sins strife
Through Jesus Christ our Lord.

And God worked so that grace
Might reign through righteousness
Unto eternal life
Through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Though sin may work within
we have deliverance
For which we give God thanks
Through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Now notes of praise begin
in glorious jubilance
From blameless saintly ranks
Through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Saturday, 22 October 2016


The work of Christ is so complete
God sets Him forth, a mercy-seat,
Where God, in grace, and man can meet.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Wednesday, 12 October 2016


O Light of the world men walking in night
Who dwell in death’s shadow have seen a great light;
We answer with gladness to light that has shone
For with Thee is sunshine, and night-time has gone.

O Light of the world, this world knew Thee not,
Yet we are secured through the world Thou has wrought:
A world for God’s pleasure where Thou art the Sun,
Which we, by the Spirit, perceive has begun.

To give us the joy Thy presence imparts,
O Star of the morning arise in our hearts,
And help us in dwelling where all things are bright
Until the world dwells in the blaze of Thy light.

Monday, 10 October 2016


I look into my Bible
And it is brightly lit
With grace and truth and mercy
For Jesus is in it.

I look up to the heaven
Where grace would have me sit:
A place of love and glory
For Jesus is in it.

I look into my bosom
Where all was once unfit,
Now filled with love and gladness
Since Jesus is in it.

Friday, 7 October 2016


 Jesus is my Saviour, Jesus is my Friend,
Jesus is my Shepherd, guiding to the end;
Jesus is my Master, Jesus is my Lord,
Jesus is my Shield and very great Reward;
Jesus is my Sunshine, Jesus is my Day,
Jesus is my Leader in the heavenly way.

Do you know the Saviour? Do you have a Friend?
Do you know the Man on whom you can depend?
Do you know the Master? Do you call Him Lord?
Are you bound to Jesus by faith's eternal cord?
Do you walk in sunshine? Do you know the day
Which goes and brightens to eternity.

He will be your Saviour if you trust in Him:
He will give you sunshine which will never dim;
When you know the Master, when you know the Lord
You with those who love him will sing with one accord:
"Jesus is my Saviour, Jesus is my Friend,
Jesus is my Shepherd guiding to the end!"

Tuesday, 4 October 2016


Alpha and Omega,
Alpha and Omega,
Thine be the praise!
Each letter sounds for Thee,
Each word redounds to Thee,
Each song propounds through Thee
Each forming phrase.

Thou art the Word of God,
Thou art the Word of God
Coming again;
Riding a horse of white
Thou wilt come forth in might
To vindicate the right,
To judge and reign.

Sunday, 2 October 2016


Just looking at this passage of ministry again and thought it was something to share:
Extract from comments on the Oblation, Leviticus 2

In a word, then, His humanity was perfect, all subject to God, all in immediate answer to His will, and the expression of it, and so necessarily in harmony. The hand that struck the chord found all in tune: all answered to the mind of Him whose thoughts of grace and holiness, of goodness, yet of judgment of evil, whose fulness of blessing in goodness were sounds of sweetness to every weary ear, and found in Christ their only expression. Every element, every faculty in His humanity, responded to the impulse which the divine will gave to it, and then ceased in a tranquillity in which self had no place. Such was Christ in human nature. While firm where need demanded, meekness was what essentially characterised Him as to contrast with others, because He was in the presence of God, His God, and all that in the midst of evil, — His voice was not heard in the street, — for joy can break forth in louder strains when all shall echo, "Praise his name, his glory".

J N Darby       Synopsis of the Books of the Bible: Leviticus 2 page 118.

http://goodteaching.org/ has this as J N Darby Volume 43
Grace be with you

Saturday, 1 October 2016


We gather for your happy day
  But soon we have to sever;
The wedding clothes are for a day:
  The Best Robe is forever!

Tuesday, 27 September 2016


"Amen, amen",
These were Thy words, O Lord;
And those Thy truth acquired Thee bow
Acknowledging with joy that Thou
Art the Amen.

Faithful and True

Thou wilt come forth to judge;
All powers will bend before Thy might,

All kings be subject to Thy right;

Faithful and True.

Thou art the Word

As come near as a Man;
Through Thee the mind of God is known;
In Thee the min of God is shown:
Thou art the Word.

Sunday, 25 September 2016


Christ Jesus came into the world
To save me and you in our sins;
In Him all our guilt is removed;
In Him our new blessing begins.

And thus we rejoice in the Man
Christ Jesus, the ransom for all,
Who faithfully answers God's heart
And faithfully answers our call.

And thus let the mind that was in
Christ Jesus imbue His redeemed,
While He who descended in love
Is daily more fully esteemed.

Rejoice: you are chosen in Him
And reached through His down-stooping ways:
Rejoice: the assembly in Him
Forever will live for His praise.

Thursday, 22 September 2016


O Son of David Thou shalt reign
In gracious righteousness
When come to Israel again
To judge and rule and bless.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016


Offspring of David all his right
Of kingly power is Thine:
Yet take the sceptre of Thy might
with rights that are divine!

Tuesday, 20 September 2016


O Root of David, on God's throne
As Thy deserved reward
We bless Thee that it now is known
Why Thou art David's Lord.

Sunday, 18 September 2016


Jesus Christ is the Same
In His Person and powers;
What a glorious Name:
Jesus Christ is the Same!
He who took all our blame
In those three dreadful hours,
Jesus Christ, is the Same
In His Person and powers.

Jesus Christ is the Same
In His grace and His love,
On this earth, where He came,
Jesus Christ is the Same;
From the cross in its shame
To the glory above,
Jesus Christ is the Same
In His grace and His love.

Jesus Christ is the Same
Since He is the I AM;
So in all He became
Jesus Christ is the Same;
Though the One we acclaim
Is our Passover Lamb
Jesus Christ is the Same
Since He is the I AM.

Friday, 16 September 2016


Wonderful Teacher, washing my feet,
Working to make my comfort complete,
Blessed example, making us trace
Gestures of mercy, touches of grace.

Thursday, 15 September 2016


Glorious Saviour, Bearer of sins,
In Thee my life of glory begins:
For Thou hast saved from judgment and sin
Sought for my soul, and welcomed me in.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016


Blessed Redeemer, dying for me,
Shedding Thy blood and setting me free.
Living in glory, coming again:
Thou art the Person worthy to reign.

Saturday, 10 September 2016


Our life was moral death, and none could stir it
To answer to the God of love and light;
But the Last Adam is a quickening spirit
Who gave true life, and brought us out of night.

Our sin-bound souls required a liberator
To let us taste the grace God loved to grant;
We learn the blessings through the Mediator
As Spirit of God's better covenant.


Wednesday, 7 September 2016


God has a better covenant in in mind
With better promises, now consonant
With Thine own blood, and therefore less confined,
O Mediator of the covenant!

This covenant would be entirely new
Because the first man proved recalcitrant
And through Thy blood this blessing is in view
O Mediator of the covenant!

Through Thee, its spirit, it is always fresh,
A covenant which no one shall supplant,
Inscribed on tables not of stone, but flesh,
O Mediator of the covenant!


Wednesday, 31 August 2016


I love the Father
Since He gave me to His Son,
A token of good.

See Psalm 86: 17.

Monday, 29 August 2016


Christ's resurrection -
The supreme act of God's power
In favour of men.

Saturday, 27 August 2016


Peace is preached by Jesus Christ
(He is Lord of all things)
For His sacrifice sufficed
For both great and small things;
Jesus Christ remains the Same,
Then, and now, and always;
We have blessing in His Name
In both great and small ways.

Jesus Christ the Righteous One
Is propitiation;
Jesus Christ God's only Son
Brought our souls salvation;
Jesus Christ the crucified
Saved us by His dying:
Once for all our Saviour died,
For our sanctifying.

In this world where sin and pain
Makes things seem disjointed,
Jesus Christ will come to reign
As the Man Anointed:
Good and vile with one accord
Will pronounce the story:
Jesus Christ alone is Lord
To the Father's glory.


Thursday, 25 August 2016


We are those whom His blood has secured;
We are those for whose sake He endured,
Whom the Father and Spirit allured;
   We are all that He has in the world.

We are those He has reached by His grace,
And secured for a heavenly place;
Till the time when we gaze on His face
    We are all that He has in the world.

He has called us His brethren and friends;
By His spirit His blessing descends;
As the church who His glory defends
    We are all that He has in the world.

Huntly 10/08/16

Tuesday, 23 August 2016


Our God, Thy grace is great,
And great Thy will to bless
And a mature believer knows
'An unsuspecting state
of conscious happiness
with Him from whom all blessing flows'.

The quote is from J N Darby volume 12 page 341.

Sunday, 21 August 2016


He has no throne
Here; no crown;
No sceptre: we are all
He has in the world.

So - what nourishing!
What cherishing: His daily bounty,
Since we are all
He has in the world.

He has no select
Nation; because His own
Received Him not; we
Are all He has in the world.

By why these pains, these
Chastenings?  He sits, a refiner
And purifier of silver; for
We are all He has in the world.

He will have His throne, His
Chosen people: but seeing His bride
Will remember always she once
Was all He has in the world.

Bridge of Don
The title and refrain are fom ministry of J B Catterall.

Friday, 19 August 2016


Micah 5 v 1

"They shall smite the Judge of Israel
With a rod upon the cheek",
Though His deeds were always righteous,
And His ways were always meek.

"They shall smite the Judge of Israel
With a rod upon the cheek",
Though they were the needy people
Whom His love had come to seek.

"They shall smite the Judge of Israel
With a rod upon the cheek",
Though His blessing was unbounded
And His patience was unique.

"They shall smite the Judge of Israel
With a rod upon the cheek",
Since they formed, against Messiah,
A nefarious, lawless clique.

"They shall smite the Judge of Israel
With a rod upon the cheek",
In contemptuous rejection
Of the words He had to speak.

"They shall smite the Judge of Israel
With a rod upon the cheek",
Since there was no sin within Him
And no lust for sin to pique.

"They shall smite the Judge of Israel
With a rod upon the cheek",
Who will come in power and glory
To avenge the poor and weak.


Wednesday, 17 August 2016


The house of God has over it
Thyself who art Great Priest
And we approach as those made fit
To celebrate God’s feast;
We love to see Thee where Thou art
And find what gratifies God’s heart.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016


O Priest for ever by God’s oath
Thou soon shalt take Thy throne,
Counsel of peace between Thee both,
Whilst Thou shalt serve Thine own;
What glory shall be borne by Thee
As Priest and Prince at God’s decree.

Monday, 15 August 2016


High Priest, Thy constant sympathies
From Thine ascended place
Support as, with debilities,
We seek the throne of grace,
While we are heartened since we know
Thy sufferings when here below.

Sunday, 14 August 2016


We give Thee praise, our Great High Priest,
Jesus the Son of God,
Help of the weakest and the least,
The poorest and most odd;
While heavens through which Thou hast passed
Acclaim the glory which Thou hast.

Thursday, 4 August 2016


Before the years of testing
Amid our world of sin,
Where failure was around Thee,
Perfection was within;
Before the final trauma,
Before the fight was won,
Enamoured by Thy beauty
God said, "Thou art my Son".

Wednesday, 3 August 2016


Thou didst come in displaying
The glory men could know;
As Man Thou wast expressing
What God is, here below;
Thy care in all Thy footsteps
Was that His will be done;
He was to Thee as Father,
Thou wast to Him as Son.

Monday, 1 August 2016


We see the stars in heaven
And view the sea and land,
Acknowledging that all things
Were founded by Thy hand;
But Thou hast come in manhood
To be God's holy One,
And in His love and favour
He owned Thee as "the Son".

Wednesday, 27 July 2016


To Thee, Lord Jesus Christ, Lord of glory
We would offer both worship and praise;
Since we know Thou art God in Thy Person
And the start and the end of God's ways.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016


O our Lord Jesus Christ grace abounding
Has been seen in Thy pathway of love;
And the grace through which once Thou wast poor here
Reaches now from the glory above.

Monday, 25 July 2016


O Lord Jesus, ascended in glory,
By the Spirit we honour Thy Name;
For He comes from Thy place with the Father
To the saints who respond to Thy claim.

I think you'll have to sing this to the tune of the Red River Valley, since I don't know another that fits!

Sunday, 24 July 2016


As the shepherds bowed down to Thee, Jesus,
All our hearts would bow down to Thee now;
We rejoice in the knowledge that "Jesus"
Is the Name to which all men shall bow.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016


Thou art the Star of the morning;
Thou art the Bright Morning Star;
Saints, in the midst of man's scorning
Welcome Thy light from afar:

Star of the morning,
O what a source of delight!
Soon Thou wilt have Thine assembly
Shining with heavenly light.

Thou art the Star of the morning;
Thou art the Bright Morning Star;
Shining with heaven's adorning
Into the night where we are.
Star of the morning,
O what a source of delight!
Soon Thou wilt have Thine assembly
Shining with heavenly light.

Sing it to "Showers of Blessing" - http://hidwithhim.net/hymn/?hymn=122&Submit=Go

Thursday, 7 July 2016


O Hope of Israel
Thou hast done all things well
For Israel's peace;
Thou wilt come forth with might
To vindicate the right
And lead them to the light
That shall not cease.

O King of righteousness
Thou wilt come forth to bless
And wilt not cease;
All men shall know Thy Name;
All men shall own Thy claim;
All peoples shall proclaim,
The King of peace.

Ruler in Israel
Men in Thy realm shall dwell
In perfect peace;
To Thee alone belongs
Praise from the ransomed throngs
Who sing triumphant songs
Which shall not cease.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016


O Shelter from the wind
Which would have smitten me;
Though it was I who sinned
The judgment fell on Thee;
And now despite each dart
That seeks to daunt my face
I gladly own Thou art
My constant Hiding-place.