Saturday, 29 August 2015

Friday, 28 August 2015


Malcolm Guite link

When He first saw His fresh
creation, man,
the Word becoming flesh
was in His plan.


Thursday, 27 August 2015


The Guite Connection

To Him belongs the height
And creatures that take flight;
The deep belongs to Him
And all that bask or swim.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015


Here's the link.

The Sun is set in place
To rule in grace;
The Moon throughout the night
Reflects its light.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015


Malcolm Guite link

Why do we see the spacious plain
Fruitfully yield?
Because the solitary Grain
Fell in the field.

Monday, 24 August 2015


Link to Malcolm Guite.

And my small response:

The One who set the firmament
In its fit place
As come in flesh was in its tent
In lowly grace.

Sunday, 23 August 2015


Malcolm Guite has written roundels for the seven days of creation; this is the first of my little responses.  His First Day is here.

Earth lay in death and strife
And darkness then
One came in whom was life
The Light of men.

Thursday, 20 August 2015


If the lamb's blood around the door
Was answer to immediate need
God strengthened for what lay before:
They had the lamb on which to feed.
Christ has not only set me free
But been the food to nourish me.

God overwhelmed the Egyptians first
So that the victory was complete
Then satisfied His people's thirst
By water wood He showed made sweet.
Because Christ died to make me free
"Christ" sweetens what refreshes me.

Since the brass serpent held their gaze
Though serpent-bitten they could live
And reach soon, in Jehovah's ways,
The well He promised He would give.
Sin in the flesh has been condemned;
The Spirit's grace has been unstemmed.

The Jordan's flooding waters found
A force that they could not withstand,
And once they crossed it on dry ground
They ate the old corn of the land.
Christ and His cross have made me whole,
And Christ in glory feeds my soul.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Jesus' blood gives God a basis
That He may for forgive;
That the persons who offended
Now may live.

Jesus’ blood shed at Golgotha
Where He was reviled,
Has effect that all things may be

Jesus’ blood can cleanse the sinner,
Purging every sin,
That a life in joy and blessing
May begin.

Jesus’ blood was shed for sinners
That eternally
Those who trust may know God’s favour

Jesus’ blood sufficed to purchase
All who are redeemed:
God reveals how much its virtue
Is esteemed.

Jesus’ blood upon the leper,
Cleansed in power and grace,
Claims each one on whom the Spirit
Takes His place.

Monday, 17 August 2015


(Gen 32:31, Hos 12:4)

I had the vigour of my prime
On which I could rely
In all my ventures till the time
The angel touched my thigh.

All things I gathered to my will
Whether by truth or lie  
I cheated shamelessly until
The angel touched my thigh.

I hobble forward like a tramp
Despite the dawning sky
Since, as I felt his bitter cramp,
The angel touched my thigh.

But I can garner richly now
A bountiful supply
And gladly testify of how
The angel touched my thigh.

I hold the dignity of prince
For that is God's reply
To all this world's discomforts since
The angel touched my thigh.

My composition which God taught
Could in no part apply
Nor could I freely bless had not
The angel touched my thigh.

Though once this lameness made me sad
God helps me so that I
Worship before Him and am glad
The angel touched my thigh.

Sunday, 16 August 2015


He came to the garden
Which the perfection of His skill
Had planted; yet there was a blight
On the ground, a frost in the air;
Sin was in the garden.
Yet He gave promises of life.

He came to the garden
- Was its name oil press or winepress? -
And there was fruitfulness to God
From a Man whose perfect life
Met its denouement there.
She came to the garden,
Darkness around, winter in her mind;
He found her
And noonday light and summer sun
Pierced her and embraced her.

He came to the garden -
His enclosed garden
And the valley was verdant,
The vine budded,
The pomegranates blossomed.
The love and life of the garden
Transported Him.

I would be interested in any opinions on the two garden poems.

Friday, 14 August 2015


He walked in the garden

To find company –and sin

Had nipped every bud.


He walked in the garden

With His own, but men

Bound Him and led Him.


He walked in the garden

And Mary was there

Like a half-opened flower.


He walks in the garden,

His enclosed garden, to enjoy

Buds, blossoms, and fruit –

Life according to Him.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015


More and more and more - 
Counting my blessings they are
More than I can count!

Sunday, 9 August 2015


Help me, Spirit of Jesus,
To know the heavenly path;
Touch me, move me, and lead me
Up to that glorious Man.
Open my heart to hear Him
And be the strength of my hand
Guiding, tending and teaching.

Guide me, O Spirit of Truth
Into the truth each day:
"He shall announce it to you",
Jesus has promised His saints.
One whom the world must exclude
Thou, in Christ's saints, dost remain
Making the things of Christ new.

Comforter, here at Christ's wish
Bringing Christ's words to remembrance,
Open our minds to God's will,
Whilst in His saints forever;
Here Thou dost joy to assist
The Master's orphaned brethren,
Bringing us savours of Him.

O Spirit of the Father,
May we, through Thee, be strengthened
To have God's scheme in vastness
Before our apprehension;
To know Christ's love which passes
In its transcendent blessing
All human understanding.

Give us more fully to know
"One body and one Spirit";
Under Thy power keep us close,
One Spirit, we drink into!
Now Thou hast found Thine abode,
And gift which Thou hast given
Renders the body full-grown.

We praise Thee, Spirit of God,
Recognising Thy service;
We praise for what Thou has sought:
All that God has found precious;
We praise for what Thou hast brought,
Gracing God's holy presence;
We praise for what Thou hast wrought!

How could men on earth furnish
Homage fit for Thy presence?
What Thou art is above us
Far in height as the heavens.
Thus as led by Thee, humbly,
Recognising Thy Person,
Holy Spirit, we worship.

Saturday, 8 August 2015


When did the Spirit descend?
When Christ was throned in glory.
Proof of that place He was sent
To men who approved that enthronement.
Christ would not leave them bereft
But sent as bond and clothing
Power from on high for their help.

Who had ordained that descent?
Being the Spirit of God
He came by right, of Himself;
Yet as out-poured by the Lord
He has His place here as sent,
While at the Father's accord
Given at Jesus' request.

Where has He found His abode?
He has no home on the earth
Nor within structures or stones.
He dwells in hearts of the men
Christ has secured as His own:
In these the Spirit can rest
Letting affections find scope.

What means has the Spirit used?
Patience and weakness and toil.
He uses the lamp of truth
Seeking recalcitrant coin
Till profit to God accrues.
All that in men God enjoys
In meekness the Spirit produced.

Which persons provided His place?
Those who the Spirit selects
By right of sovereignty;
Those who have made their request
As moved by the Spirit to pray;
Those in whome grace has effect,
Whom God knows, those who obey.

How do they know His presence?
Christ is enthroned in the heart;
Life is enjoyed in blessing,
Linked with the glorified Man;
Springs of God's love are welling,
Deep in the innermost part;
Power come to judge the fleshly.

And why has the Spirit come?
To bring the heavenly Man
A bride to enjoy His love
And fill the need of His heart;
To find, for the Father, sons
Whom God eternally planned
Would share the Beloved's worth.

Thursday, 6 August 2015


The substance of anointing,
Embruing the oblation,
Was ground of God's rejoicing
And of the priest's sustaining.
By produce of the olive,
Expressed in perfect patience,
Both God and men are honoured.

If Christ gives living water

It wells within our being
Expelling want or shortage
And springing in you freely:
And water will flow from one
Who is a tRue believer
And owns the Saviour's lordship.

Content to be a servant

He rode across the desert
To find his master's blessing,
The kindly rise Rebecca:
In type a glorious vessel
Comes, fittingly invested
For One who dwells in heaven.

On her journey from Haran

As the servant led her back
Power was needed to carry
Into Isaac's promised land;
Power was found in the camels
That endured, on Rebecca's path:
Camels supplied by the master.

Dry are the bones of the dead:

Flesh grows sinews and skin -
Stiff still they languish in death;
"Prophesy unto the wind".
"Come from the four winds, O breath."
Column by column, they live -
Born to their own land again.

First the woman lit the lamp;

Carefully she swept the house,
Patiently explored each crack
Till the missing coin was found:
Then, with thankfulness of heart
She invited neighbours round
That with her they might be glad.

Once, responding to Christ's worth,

The Spirit has descended
In the fashion of of a dove.
Repelled by what is fleshly
But impelled by such a One
He found, as come from heaven,
Peace where nothing can disturb.