Monday, 31 October 2016


Here in the world where the power of death constantly rages
God in His favour has given, instead of sin’s wages,
Eternal life
Known in Christ Jesus our Lord
Who is the end of the ages.

Nothing can hinder the praises which now are resounding;
Nothing can sever us now from the love that’s abounding:
The love of God
Known in Christ Jesus our Lord,
Foreknown before the earth’s founding.

Now in Christ Jesus our Lord there is seen the fulfilling
Of all God’s purpose for which He was working and willing.
Wisdom of God
Known in Christ Jesus or Lord:
Great the joy He is instilling.

Sunday, 30 October 2016


Eargate was derelict, and mouthgate skewed
While great was the disorder in the keep;
How could the curate’s visit do her good
in her last hours?
  Yet deep could answer deep.
“The Lord’s my Shepherd”, he began, and found
He heard another voice, feebly at first,
Recounting how God made His grace abound:
The Shepherd came to feed, and quench our thirst.

Out of the depth he called the learning child
Whose voice spoke in the woman’s breaking breath;
Words of God’s house, home of the reconciled
Were on her lips as going into death.

Deep answers deep; the Shepherd’s tender arm
Had folded her from pain, neglect and harm.

See Malcolm Guite for the source of this story.

Sunday, 23 October 2016


God sought that love’s embrace
Should heal, redeem and bless
Those who endure sins strife
Through Jesus Christ our Lord.

And God worked so that grace
Might reign through righteousness
Unto eternal life
Through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Though sin may work within
we have deliverance
For which we give God thanks
Through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Now notes of praise begin
in glorious jubilance
From blameless saintly ranks
Through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Saturday, 22 October 2016


The work of Christ is so complete
God sets Him forth, a mercy-seat,
Where God, in grace, and man can meet.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Wednesday, 12 October 2016


O Light of the world men walking in night
Who dwell in death’s shadow have seen a great light;
We answer with gladness to light that has shone
For with Thee is sunshine, and night-time has gone.

O Light of the world, this world knew Thee not,
Yet we are secured through the world Thou has wrought:
A world for God’s pleasure where Thou art the Sun,
Which we, by the Spirit, perceive has begun.

To give us the joy Thy presence imparts,
O Star of the morning arise in our hearts,
And help us in dwelling where all things are bright
Until the world dwells in the blaze of Thy light.

Monday, 10 October 2016


I look into my Bible
And it is brightly lit
With grace and truth and mercy
For Jesus is in it.

I look up to the heaven
Where grace would have me sit:
A place of love and glory
For Jesus is in it.

I look into my bosom
Where all was once unfit,
Now filled with love and gladness
Since Jesus is in it.

Friday, 7 October 2016


 Jesus is my Saviour, Jesus is my Friend,
Jesus is my Shepherd, guiding to the end;
Jesus is my Master, Jesus is my Lord,
Jesus is my Shield and very great Reward;
Jesus is my Sunshine, Jesus is my Day,
Jesus is my Leader in the heavenly way.

Do you know the Saviour? Do you have a Friend?
Do you know the Man on whom you can depend?
Do you know the Master? Do you call Him Lord?
Are you bound to Jesus by faith's eternal cord?
Do you walk in sunshine? Do you know the day
Which goes and brightens to eternity.

He will be your Saviour if you trust in Him:
He will give you sunshine which will never dim;
When you know the Master, when you know the Lord
You with those who love him will sing with one accord:
"Jesus is my Saviour, Jesus is my Friend,
Jesus is my Shepherd guiding to the end!"

Tuesday, 4 October 2016


Alpha and Omega,
Alpha and Omega,
Thine be the praise!
Each letter sounds for Thee,
Each word redounds to Thee,
Each song propounds through Thee
Each forming phrase.

Thou art the Word of God,
Thou art the Word of God
Coming again;
Riding a horse of white
Thou wilt come forth in might
To vindicate the right,
To judge and reign.

Sunday, 2 October 2016


Just looking at this passage of ministry again and thought it was something to share:
Extract from comments on the Oblation, Leviticus 2

In a word, then, His humanity was perfect, all subject to God, all in immediate answer to His will, and the expression of it, and so necessarily in harmony. The hand that struck the chord found all in tune: all answered to the mind of Him whose thoughts of grace and holiness, of goodness, yet of judgment of evil, whose fulness of blessing in goodness were sounds of sweetness to every weary ear, and found in Christ their only expression. Every element, every faculty in His humanity, responded to the impulse which the divine will gave to it, and then ceased in a tranquillity in which self had no place. Such was Christ in human nature. While firm where need demanded, meekness was what essentially characterised Him as to contrast with others, because He was in the presence of God, His God, and all that in the midst of evil, — His voice was not heard in the street, — for joy can break forth in louder strains when all shall echo, "Praise his name, his glory".

J N Darby       Synopsis of the Books of the Bible: Leviticus 2 page 118. has this as J N Darby Volume 43
Grace be with you

Saturday, 1 October 2016


We gather for your happy day
  But soon we have to sever;
The wedding clothes are for a day:
  The Best Robe is forever!