Monday 27 November 2023


Bamburgh village and surroundings

Because the Shepherd

Knowing the depths of my need

Gave Himself for me;

Because the Shepherd

In His goodness carried me

On His own shoulders;

Because the Spirit

Has shone around me darkness

The light of God's Word;

Because the Spirit

Has swept the house carefully

Until He found me.

Because the Father

Ran to give me a welcome,

Embraced, and kissed me.

Because I am clothed

In the Best Robe that God has,

The worth of Christ.

Because I've been given

The token of divine love

A ring on my hand.

Because I now wear

The dignity that God gives,

Sandals on my feet.

Because I can share

The feast on the fatted calf:

God's thoughts of His Son.

Because God in grace

Desires to give me a place

In the Father's house.

Sunday 5 November 2023


Into a world inured to shame
Because of Adam’s fall
God’s Son, the man Christ Jesus, came
And gave Himself for all.

He lived for us in poverty
Possessing not a penny,
Until He went to Calvary
And gave His life for many.

Faced by God’s judgement’s awful tide
I have a place to flee -
To be the One in whom to hide.

                He gave Himself for me.