Tuesday 28 June 2022

Friday 24 June 2022




Seeking to reign where he should serve,

Judging God's Son, through fraud,

Gorging himself in sins, we see

What man has done to God.

They torture good, set evil free,

Flatter, seduce, or ban:

In their depravity we see

What man has done to man.

Blessing since earth was first begun,

Securing His own plan,

And giving His beloved Son -

What God has done for man!

Securing sons who gladly bow

To give eternal laud

We worship, seeing, even now,

What God has done for God!

Wednesday 22 June 2022



If life around seems grim

With all-embracing dark;

If Christians’ light grows dim

And gutters to a spark

Lift up your eyes and see afar

The shining of the Morning Star.

Among His faithful saints

The love of Christ gives light

Excluding Satan’s feints

To lead them into night;

Within the heart of every one

Shines gloriously the risen Sun.

His sweetness does not cloy

But makes our spirits full;

He makes our souls enjoy

The principle of rule;

His warmth surrounds with its embrace

Suffusing all our hearts with grace.

And His assembly shines

With God’s own glory’s rays:

The Spirit’s wise designs

Will soon appear in day

But in the night she rules for Him

Whose light towards her is never dim.

Where Light which has no taints

Has once, in beauty, been

Now all Christ’s chosen saints

Are lights in a dark scene:

While patiently His people wait

With variant lights they scintillate.

Friday 17 June 2022


(The sun set so late that I never saw Lewis in the dark.)


As when the milch-kine left their calves
To take the highway with the cart,
We come since Thou - and not by halves -
Hast drawn our heart.

We cannot know Thee, Son of man,
In all the depths of who Thou art;
We come to Thee as One who can
Console our heart.

Thou art the Leader to us now,
With all the wealth Thou dost impart;
We come adoringly since Thou
Dost bow our heart.


Monday 13 June 2022




The Lord was always in the Father’s favour
Because He had no fleshly predilections;
And since His incense rose in richest savour
This Man has such a place in God’s affections.

We love, and God loves more, Christ’s ”deep perfections”,
Whose worthiness fills heaven with rejoicing;
This Man has such a place in God’s affections
And we hear words of praise that God is voicing,

Because He has secured what God intended
This Man has such a place in God’s affections;
When all God’s work in time and space have ended
All will be cleansed by Him from sin’s infections.

This Man has such a place in God’s affections
That it will be to Him that all shall gather,
Between first and second resurrections,
Before love yields the kingdom to the Father.

Saturday 11 June 2022



Jesus is my Saviour, Jesus is my Friend,
Jesus is my Shepherd, guiding to the end;
Jesus is my Master, Jesus is my Lord,
Jesus is my Shield and very great Reward;
Jesus is my Sunshine, Jesus is my Day,
Jesus is my Leader in the heavenly way.

Do you know the Saviour? Do you have a Friend?
Do you know the Man on whom you can depend?
Do you know the Master? Do you call Him Lord?
Are you bound to Jesus by faith's eternal cord?
Do you walk in sunshine? Do you know the day
Which goes and brightens to eternity.

He will be your Saviour if you trust in Him:
He will give you sunshine which will never dim;
When you know the Master, when you know the Lord
You with those who love him will sing with one accord:
"Jesus is my Saviour, Jesus is my Friend,
Jesus is my Shepherd guiding to the end!".