Thursday 28 November 2013


He shall be great” the angel said
Before His birth and drawing near;
Now risen, Victor from the dead,
He shall be great.

Behold the Man” the Roman said -
Greatest since all this world began,
Proclaimed though His disciples fled -
Behold the Man!

The Lord is near” the apostle said,
Encouraging through toil and fear;
They relish, who hold fast the Head,
The Lord is near.

Lord Jesus, come” the bride says now
Engaged in His encomium;
His saints cry, as their spirits bow
Lord Jesus, come”.

It's time for a break - off to India for a couple of weeks!

Wednesday 27 November 2013

Tuesday 26 November 2013


The One who is the Lord of all
Stood still to heed a beggar’s call.

He stood because of men’s deceit
Before a Roman judgment seat.

But how His peace and love were known
As Jesus stood amidst His own!

They found His care had gone before
When He was standing on the shore.

His witness Stephen saw Him stand
As Son of Man at God’s right hand.

Sheaves now, as product of His grief,
Bow down to His one standing sheaf.

Claiming His rights He soon will stand
Upon the sea and on the land.

But now He loves to see His bride
Standing in splendour at His side.

Monday 25 November 2013


The first clothes maker,
God, acted - and faith can see
Someone must suffer.

Sunday 24 November 2013


To be before the face of God
Without the taint of sin
We must be clothed in Christ Himself -
Clothed in the coats of skin.

We cannot come with righteousness
Of which our nature brags
We must be clothed in Christ Himself
And not our filthy rags.

When God desires to celebrate
His dear Son’s wedding feast
We must be clothed in Christ Himself
From greatest unto least.

To be within the Father’s house
Where He may gladly rest
We must be clothed in Christ Himself -
Clothed in the Father’s best.

Saturday 23 November 2013


This is One to Whom personally
Servitude to time could not apply -
One who inhabits eternity. Yet
His love constrained Him to this thirlage.

He took part in our habitat
Days. He slept in them, woke in them,
In them moved, ate, carpentered.
Daily He absorbed the Father’s voicing.

One day the word directed Him towards
Jordan; one day to the wilderness.
Each of the days of the Son of Man
Was distinguished, although He is the Same.

And there were nights too - healing
Or praying. Until there came the night
When He was delivered up. And the day
When over His suffering daylight was withheld.

Time knows no day like that day -
Denial at cockcrow, injustice early,
Scourging, nailing, hanging, suffering:
And the secret sorrow the sun did not lighten.

Energy charged the resurrection day -
The Risen One gave to Mary
Revelation, to Simon restoration,
To two wanderers a Shepherd’s care.

From the day when He was received up in glory
We wait in the patience of the Christ until
His vindication: when the world takes moral direction
From that Sun in the day of Jesus Christ.

Friday 22 November 2013


“The firstlings of His flock” -
In choiceness God introduced
In His word, the sheep.

He brings soon to our view
The ram’s vigour,
Entrapping it to His will.

He shows us His yearling
Whose blood is cover
And whose flesh sustains.

And if our weakness
Attains to a sucking lamb only
He accepts it as a whole burnt-offering.

Thursday 21 November 2013


He loved, though I was sinful;
He loved, when I was lost;
He loved, when I was needy;
He loved, to His great cost;
He loved when left out, knocking,
He loved, when brought within;
He loved me by the wayside,
He loved me at the inn.

He loved me though I wandered;
He loved, as I returned;
He loved, when my love faded;
He loved, when my heart burned;
He loved, despite my weakness;
He loved, despite my will;
He loved, through joy and sorrow;
He loved - He loves me still!

He loves, though we are faithless;
He loves, although we fail;
He loves when times are easy;
He loves, when storms assail;
He loves us in the battle;
He loves us in God’s house;
He loves us as His brethren;
He loves us as His spouse.

Wednesday 20 November 2013


Until He comes
Be faithful to His Name;
The Spirit's guiding as your sword,
Do battle for your absent lord
Until He comes.

Until He comes
Announce the Master's death;
In deep affection break the bread
And drink the cup, as He has said
Until He comes.

Until He comes
Pursue the path of faith;
Pursue the way of righteousness
Faith, love, and peace that Christ may bless
Until He comes

Tuesday 19 November 2013


God’s heart desires that all should know
He is distinguishing one Man,
According to His glorious plan
Which finds an answer here below.

Before Christ’s service here began
The heavens opened up to show
God’s heart desires that all should know
He is distinguishing one Man.

God will have no one other than
His Christ, to whom now praises flow
Because He plumbed the depths of woe:
Delighted with the course Christ ran
He is distinguishing one Man.

Monday 18 November 2013

Sunday 17 November 2013


How great is His mercy! - when we were still lawless,
He came to redeem us from hell;
He came as the Lamb who was perfect and flawless -
The Lord has done everything well!

How great is His goodness! - He heals all who need Him
In grace more than humans can tell;
He comes now as manna for all those who heed Him -
The Lord has done everything well!

How great is His beauty - His charms and His graces
Delight all the hearts they impel
To be near Himself to enjoy His embraces -
The Lord has done everything well!

Saturday 16 November 2013


Since He came to relieve bearers,
The bereaved, blind, and dumb,
So that strangers should be retrieved;
Ears He opened - where first Eve
Let temptation enter; fever
He rebuked, and those who believed Him
Followed; and all He would achieve
Rooted from His excellence. God
Saw a heave offering; men
A panacea for their peevishness.
See those who received Him, children
Of God - metal to magnet, cleaving
To Him - grace made them perceive
His worth, leave all for One
Weaving a seamless garment.

Friday 15 November 2013


The mighty God, who dwelt alone,
Before the world’s foundation,
In perfect light, has been made known -
How grand the revelation!

The Lord of glory took His place
Within His own creation
To demonstrate transcendent grace -
How grand the revelation!

We know the One who took our part
For our emancipation
And to disclose the Father’s heart -
How grand the revelation!

And, brought to know God’s holy Name,
His sons with exultation
Expand their praises and exclaim -
How grand the revelation!

Thursday 14 November 2013


Mercy endured for me
When I was lost;
Mercy secured for me
Peace - at great cost;
Mercy has reached for me,
Mercy has preached for me,
Mercy beseeched for me
When I was lost.

Mercy has cared for me,
One who is found;
Mercy prepared for me
Heavenly ground;
Mercy has sought for me,
Mercy has wrought for me,
Mercy has fought for me -
One who is found.

Wednesday 13 November 2013


A man went to the valley of trees
Lordly face like a sword-edge.
Goliath might scorn, Goliath might spurn
Loud as wolves his howls of disdain.
Ardent man, sapient man, distinctive man
David had pierced bear and lion.
Harsh in the skull he would drive his stone,
Accurate, brash weapon on brow.
At his feet the shield-lord bowed humbly,
Fleet Philistines, hero-wrenched, fled.

Tuesday 12 November 2013


Rejoice in the Lord who has brought us salvation:
He came from the glory to challenge our foes;
He came in His grace to have no reputation,
To serve as a bondman, to bear all our woes.

Rejoice in the Lord who was here for the Father
To show what God’s ideal in manhood would be,
To work out God’s purpose, to heal men, to gather,
To bring sons to glory, to set our souls free.

Rejoice in the Lord who is raised and ascended
And seated in glory at God’s own right hand:
He waits till God’s work in His people is ended
And all shine in glory as God’s heart has planned.

Rejoice in the Lord who has touched our affection,
Our Shepherd, our Master, our Shield and Reward;
The Man who has won us through charm and perfection:
O saints He has purchased - Rejoice in the Lord!

Monday 11 November 2013


“Is it all right”, I asked her,
“For me to lead my sister
Towards the fire?”

“Our father is dead”, she said.
“So who else would I want
To give me away?”

“I could help you escape”, I claimed.
But she replied, “No. See these ropes -
I myself made them

It was gracious of my Lord
To make my poor handiwork
The bands of a Man”.

Truly, day by day, strand by strand,
Her dexterity and patience had made
The finest ropes in Derby.

“The fire is ravenous”. But she responded,
“We must all burn, by fevers or rheumatics:
As well swift as slow.”

And when I longed that God would send
Elizabeth she said she waited for
One Monarch only.

She rejoiced that she would not see
A sin-marred world - “but I will see it
When Christ is king".

And “What is light? Is it to the body
What faith is to my soul -
The expansion of perception?

You will have to let go my hand soon
But remember that a stronger hand
Holds me still.”

I led her to the stake. She did not cry
Among the faggots, but spoke tenderly,
And her last word was “Jesus”.

Sunday 10 November 2013


Jesus' blood gives God a basis
That He may for forgive;
That the persons who offended
Now may live.

Jesus’ blood shed at Golgotha
Where He was reviled,
Has effect that all things may be

Jesus’ blood can cleanse the sinner,
Purging every sin,
That a life in joy and blessing
May begin.

Jesus’ blood was shed for sinners
That eternally
Those who trust may know God’s favour

Jesus’ blood sufficed to purchase
All who are redeemed:
God reveals how much its virtue
Is esteemed.

Jesus’ blood upon the leper,
Cleansed in power and grace,
Claims each one on whom the Spirit
Takes His place.

Saturday 9 November 2013


In no circumstance
Was Christ so glorious to God
As when He suffered.

Friday 8 November 2013


Redemption subsists in the worth of the Person
Who holds the first place in the Father’s affection,
The Son of His love, who is given the kingdom
For which we are fit through His worth and perfection.

Redemption is known through the blood of the Saviour
Through which, by God’s grace, we are brought into favour;
Christ satisfied God in the work of atonement
While God’s heart rejoiced in His charm and His savour.

We wait for adoption, the body’s redemption,
And with us is waiting the whole of creation
Till Christ is acclaimed on the throne of his kingdom
And all is transformed at that great liberation.

Thursday 7 November 2013


That boy! What’s he doing here
Leaving the sheep to the wilderness?

Where’s the kid off to now?
Seeing the king!

What does the lad look like
Happed up in a real man’s armour!

But look now - that youth is off
To play giant-killer!

See him - a young man against
An experienced man of war!

Here, did you see what my brother
Did to Goliath?

What a man!

Wednesday 6 November 2013


He who is the Source of all;
He who is their End withal;
Triumphed over Adam’s fall:
Many sons are brought to glory!

Christ has suffered to atone;
Now He’s on the Father’s throne,
While God’s thought in love is known:
Many sons are brought to glory!

Through the work which Christ has done
God can clothe us in His Son;
Blessed in God’s Beloved One
Many sons are brought to glory!

Brought from darkness into light,
Sons of God, through grace and right,
In the Father’s Spirit’s might
Many sons are brought to glory!

Tuesday 5 November 2013


(As the registrar said)

For life -
No remissions or paroles
As if the judge had said,
“In this case, Life means Life”.

For life -
Not the mereness of existence,
Lichen on rock,
But vivacity
Pinioned on the high winds
Of love.

For life -
That, through God’s grace,
And by His discipline,
In His ways
Another generation
Should shoulder staves for Him.

For life -
Heirs together,
Smiths together, tasters together
Of the grace
Of life.

Monday 4 November 2013

JOHN 4: 4

As a man in form and features,
God come down amidst His creatures,
“He must needs pass through Samaria”.

For a sinner's desperation
“He must needs pass through Samaria”
To relieve and bring salvation.

“He must needs pass through Samaria”
For the Father wished this treasure
To be found – for Jesus' pleasure.

Sunday 3 November 2013


I’ll tell you of a happening
When Zedekiah was the king:

God sent His prophet to condemn
The wicked in Jerusalem,

While just outside the city gate
They saw the Babylonians wait.

That army was God’s punishment
For sinners who would not repent

And disobeyed when called upon
To serve the king of Babylon

Which was what Jeremiah taught
When he explained Jehovah’s thought.

The wicked men who hated it
Put Jeremiah in a pit.

The prophet thought; “This place is dire -
I’m sinking down into the mire!”

But while he found his prospects dim
His God was looking after him.

Now Ebed-Melech was the man
Whom God selected for His plan.

He went to see the king and said,
If he’s left there he’ll soon be dead!”

The king replied, “Without a doubt
You must pull Jeremiah out”.

The Ethiopian found some rope
And soon gave Jeremiah hope.

Just put some rags beneath each arm
So that the ropes will do no harm.”

Then Ebed-Melech and his friends
All started pulling at the ends.

Soon he was rescued, safe and sound:
He gladly stood on solid ground.

Thus Ebed-Melech pleased the Lord
Who shielded him against the sword.

Here's another Bible story for you to enjoy: The Tower of Babel.

Saturday 2 November 2013


Firstly, a woman,
In whom that which was begotten in her
As power of the Highest overshadowed her
Was of the Spirit of God.

Then an ambience of receptors,
Like pistils for pollen,
Prepared for Him in the temple
By the Holy Spirit of God.

About thirty years progressed
Till the substance of divine approval
Anointing a praying Man
Was the Holy Spirit.

An active life followed
Each word, step or touch
Blessing to men
By the Spirit of God.

Qualified for glory, qualified
For rule - He was qualified
To offer Himself to God
By the eternal Spirit.

Risen, elevated, honoured,
At the Father’s right
He acted as Minister of grace
Giving His Holy Spirit.

He has His church now
Integrated and vital,
Welled by the love of God,
Through the One Spirit.

Friday 1 November 2013


On me, God’s grace has beamed;
By blood, I am redeemed;
To me His kindnesses have streamed:
How much I’m loved!

For me, the Saviour died;
For me, was crucified;
And now, for me He’s glorified:
How much I’m loved!
Christ suffered to atone,
But now, upon the throne,
He cares for me, with all His own
How much I’m loved!

He has prepared the place
Before the Father’s face
Which we will share, through boundless grace:
How much I’m loved!

Though here the world outside
Should raise an evil tide
With me, He says, He will abide:
How much I’m loved!

And as His word may be
Abiding now in me
Increasingly He’ll make me see
How much I’m loved!