Sunday 27 June 2021



Thee, the Beloved, we honour with deep adoration;
Worthy art Thou of the height of Thy great exaltation:
Favoured in Thee
We, thy beloved ones see,
What gave thy God delectation.

Thou art "the Son of the Father" and His acclamation
Sounded to Thee at the start of Thy path of salvation;
While from above
He who came down as a dove
Signified heaven's approbation.

Now Thou art Son of His love in Thy great elevation;
Saints, as secured for Thy realm by the Father's translation,
Come out of night
Into Thy kingdom of light,
Praise Thee with great celebration.

"The Beloved" - Ephesians 1
"The Son of the Father" - 2 John
"The Son of His love" - Colossians 1

Sunday 20 June 2021

HYMN: Response to Psalm 150

At Glencorse Reservoir, Midlothian

Our God, we praise Thee in Thy sanctuary,

A place Thou has prepared with Thine own hand,

Where Thou art dwelling in complacency,

And where Thy grace has caused Thy saints to stand.

Our God, we praise Thee in Thy firmament

In which Thy power and splendour are arrayed:

All is Thy handiwork; in its extent

Thy glory and Thy blessing are displayed.

Our God, we praise Thee in Thy mighty acts:

Creation and redemption show Thy might.

We fear Thee, yet abundant grace attracts,

And Thou hast made us precious in Thy sight.

 Our God, we praise according to Thy power;

Thy hands would make Thy people great and strong;

To Thee, our Rock, our Refuge, and our Tower

The people Thou hast purchased raise their song.

Sunday 13 June 2021


 Like someone who has fought and won

So that peace reigns for all his own
Christ, with His work for sinners done,
Sits now upon the Father’s throne.

As the sun’s warmth and vigour beam
From its pavilion in the sky
The Father had the Spirit stream
From Christ as glorified on high.

As Israelites could hear the bells
On Aaron in the holiest place
So, as the Holy Spirit tells,
We know Christ acts as Priest through grace.

As a rich king delights to give
Favour and grace where he resides
The Lord is glad that we should live
In blessings from where He abides.

Here on the earth from which His life
Was taken, and men thought Him dead,
The Lord now has His faithful wife
Linked to Him as her heavenly Head.

The Bridegroom waits to take His Bride
Who with the Spirit lifts her voice,
“Lord Jesus, come”; and at His side
In love’s delight they will rejoice.

He will come out as Conqueror
With all His saints, establish peace,
Heal nations, and abolish war,
Giving this groaning earth release.

Thursday 3 June 2021


He is the true Light, who enlightens me, 
Exposing the ubiquity of sin, 
But bringing saving grace to set me free 
From sin's demands without and wiles within. 
The Greeks concocted par-boiled platitudes; 
The Sadducees served spreads the flesh would crave; 
The Pharisees hid leaven in tart foods: 
Christ, the true Bread, is what the Father gave. 

Secured by mercy and supplied by grace, 
Attached to Christ through love that is divine, 
It is my privilege to have my place 
Abiding as a branch in the true Vine, 
While in His realm of peace, or ours of strife, 
Knowing the true God and eternal life.