Monday, 30 June 2014


Love will do its best for us -
Christ the Lord came near to serve,
Bore the judgment we deserve:
Love has stood the test for us -
Love will do its best for us.

Love will do its best for us -
Love has store of wealth and food,
Everything to do us good:
Thus will love invest for us -
Love will do its best for us

Love will do its best for us -
For the Spirit of our God,
In our hearts, spreads love abroad
As a heavenly guest for us:
Love will do its best for us.

Love will do its best for us -
In the Father’s house, through grace,
Jesus has prepared our place.
Love has made a rest for us:
Love will do its best for us.

Sunday, 29 June 2014


Behold the Bridegroom going forth in strength,
Grand as the sun. His rays of warmth and light
Charm and transform creation’s breadth and length
While He attract our hears with His delight.

Come see the Bride whom He sustains in life,
Having the glory of God which will abide.
She who on earth has been a faithful wife
Is worthy to be at her Bridegroom’s side.

Thursday, 26 June 2014


Perfection towards God - Jesus portrayed,
The root and fruit, obedience and praise;
Perfection towards man - He would amaze
Men by the wealth of blessing He displayed;
Perfection towards duties - so He made
Arrangements for His mother’s coming days;
Perfection towards Himself - He in His ways
Showed how a saint of God should be arrayed.

And all was evenness, as when a tree
In the best light, and ideal soil grows round,
Presenting the same look at every side;
But He was like this though the soil might be
Dry, and although men’s roughness might surround.
In God alone, in rest, He could confide.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014


After Christ’s pathway of perfection
In secret, in man’s situation,
His place as Son in God’s affection
Was marked by God’s annunciation.

Seeing Christ did not need to wrestle
To assert control in the creation
The twelve knew, as He joined their vessel,
The Son of God by observation.

And that was good - but saints would rather,
Knowing God’s joy in the relation,
Like Peter learn now from the Father
The Son of God by revelation.

Before Christ’s toil had its fruition
God gave in the transfiguration
The witness to His new position -
The Son of God in elevation.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014


When I was as impoverished as a beggar in a ditch
The Son of God came up to me, raised me, and made me rich;
He gave me treasures far surpassing all that I had lost
And told me in His grace that He Himself had borne the cost.

When I came to the Father, impecunious and distressed,
He welcomed me, He kissed me and He clothed me in the best;
He took away the filthy rags worn from the distant land
And gave me sandals for my feet, His ring to deck my hand.

The Holy Spirit has the wealth of heaven in His care
Available for all the saints who own Christ Lord to share;
He decorates and dignifies the features of the bride,
Then helps her grace the place that she will have at Jesus’ side.

Now unto God who made us rich, whose giving is immense,
There rises our responsive praise, our nard and frankincense;
To Him who is the source of all we gladly bow the knee
And willingly acknowledge “of Thine own we give to Thee”.

Monday, 23 June 2014


(An imitation)

The Judge enthroned on high,
One God who made all things;
He is the Lord of kings,
The Judge enthroned on high.

Sweet in heaven’s citadel
He makes the light descend;
Beginning and the End
Sweet in heaven’s citadel.

All things make manifest
His power, with one accord;
The holy King our Lord
All things make manifest.

Man’s error turned and fled
When Christ the Healer came;
When Christ bore sin and shame
Man’s error turned and fled.

The Father’s chosen One
Has challenged death alone;
He is upon the throne
The Father’s chosen One.

The beaten serpent groans
And Christ is Lord of all;
While heaven’s beams enthrall
The beaten serpent groans.

Good folk in sweet repose
Enjoy their endless rest;
By those the Lord is blessed
Good folk in sweet repose.

Raising their faithful words
They voice their royal songs:
Behold the heavenly throngs
Raising their faithful words.

To Thee, majestic Lord,
With stately songs they sing;
Unceasing praise they bring
To Thee, majestic Lord!

(Derived from a hymn from before 800 A.D.)

Sunday, 22 June 2014


When I was battered on a rugged shore
Grace took the oars, braved waves, and rescued me;
Grace had prepared both light and warmth before
My chartless ventures on the sullen sea.

I drew my burnt hand from the savage flame
Since grace had given me my sense of pain;
Grace salved my wounded hand, grace took the blame,
Grace held me back lest I should burn again.

Grace was the policeman who arrested me,
The coastguard who observed my zigzag course,
The fireman who has rushed to cut me free,
The surgeon who exposed my gangrene’s source.

And grace has served me that I might be shown
The throne of grace, with grace upon the throne.

Saturday, 21 June 2014


God heard amid His fresh creation
His angels’ shouts of celebration.

He had in His premeditation
A greater cause of celebration.

When Christ brought in illumination
That gave God cause for celebration.

Because of reconciliation
God bids us join His celebration.

Christ in His place of elevation
Is centre of God’s celebration.

Christ’s men by grace and derivation
Will cause eternal celebration.

Friday, 20 June 2014


He did not come with troops, with flags unfurled
And burnished swords; He came to heal the lame,
The blind and poor; and to make known God’s Name;
And show God’s love. If Jewish lips were curled
Disdainfully, and jibes or stones were hurled,
He did not act as Judge. He was the Same:
Rightly could the Samaritans exclaim,
“This is indeed the Saviour of the world!”

He came to Greek, Jew or Samaritan
In grace and vigour, as the Son of Man;
He showed, in shedding love and power abroad,
The dignity which marks the Son of God;
While heaven - before His public work begun
Parted to acclaim Him, God’s beloved Son.

Thursday, 19 June 2014


The Lord God will give Him the throne
Of David His father;
To reign in the midst of His own,
The saints He shall gather.

The earth shall acknowledge His right
And all things will flourish;
His sway will be grace to give light,
To comfort and nourish.

The hills will be covered with corn
And no perturbation
Will menace His close, reborn
And Spirit-filled nation.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014


He gave Himself to ransom me,
He gave His life that I might live,
He gave in grace that I might see,
He is a Man who loves to give.

He gave me life, He gave me light,
He gave me righteousness and peace;
He gave me grace and power and sight:
He gives me joys that will not cease.

He gave His Spirit from above,
He gave adornment to His bride:
He gave me love - He gives her love
And gives a place at His own side.

He loves to give, He loves to bless,
His grace flows towards me like a river;
My heart goes out in thankfulness
That through His gifts I learn the Giver.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014


I love the Man who died for me
Not only for that death
But for a love of such degree
Which gives me life and breath.

Monday, 16 June 2014


I need redemption - where can it be found?
“Through His own blood”: there is no other ground.

I need forgiveness - and I can be led
To know it since the Saviour’s blood was shed.

I need peace here, where sins and conscience toss;
God made peace through the blood of Jesus’ cross.

And reconciliation is required -
God reconciled me since His Son expired.

I wish that sin and flesh in me had died -
It is with Christ that I am crucified.

Sunday, 15 June 2014


We thank Thee, Lord, for weary days 
When desert springs were dry. 
And first we knew what depth of need 
Thy love could satisfy. 

Days when beneath the desert sun, 
Along the toilsome road. 
O'er roughest ways we walked with One, 
That One the Son of God. 

We thank Thee for that rest in Him 
The weary only know — 
The perfect, wondrous sympathy 
We needs must learn below : 

The sweet companionship of One 
Who once the desert trod ; 
The glorious fellowship with One 
Upon the throne of God ; 

The joy no desolations here 
Can reach, or cloud, or dim — 
The present Lord, the living God, 
And we alone with Him. 

We know Him as we could not know 
Through Heaven's golden years ; 
We there shall see His glorious Face, 
But Mary saw His tears. 

The touch that heals the broken heart 
Is never felt above ; 
His Angels know His blessedness, 
His way-worn saints His love. 

When in the glory and the rest 
We joyfully adore. 
Remembering the desert way 
We yet shall praise Him more. 

Remembering how, amidst our toil, 
Our conflict, and our sin. 
He brought the water for our thirst 
It cost His blood to win. 

And now in perfect peace we go 
Along the way He trod, 
Still learning from all need below 
Depths of the heart of God.
By Frances Bevan (1827-1909) 

Saturday, 14 June 2014


One who always has existed
And will always be
Took His lowly place in manhood:
Bow the knee!

Seeing Christ who suffered for us
That we might be free
To enjoy God’s love and favour
Bow the knee!

As you read the Holy Scriptures
And rejoice to see
Christ as Helper of the needy
Bow the knee!

Knowing Jesus, caring for us,
Raised us up that we
Might have part in praise and worship
Bow the knee!

Friday, 13 June 2014


He held me in His strong embrace
Displaying His unbounded grace -
How much the Father cares for me!

Although I had been so remiss
He welcomed me with many a kiss -
How much the Father cares for me!

He did not question me, or probe,
But clothed me in His finest robe -
How much the Father cares for me!

Love more than I can understand
Put a gold ring upon my hand -
How much the Father cares for me!

So that my comfort was complete
He gave me sandals for my feet -
How much the Father cares for me!

He did all this on my behalf:
And then He shared the fatted calf -
How much the Father cares for me!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Not only cherubim
Whose robes are bright
Will be
For Thee
But saints in light
With Christ, conformed to Him.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014


"O Father! not my will, but Thine be done!"
Thus with my lips I say;
Yet lags the heart, the while the lips would run—
My heart, it sayeth "Nay."
"Be comforted, O child of My delight,
Though yet thy heart complain;
For I would have thee suffer when I smite,
Or pain would not be pain.
"Were it a chastening if it were not grief?
Yet for a moment tears—
Then glows the spring where fell the yellow leaf,
Of Heaven's eternal years.

2 Cor 4: 17

"For sorrow is the sorrow of an hour,
And is eternal love;
The dusky bud enfolds the glorious flower
For God's delight above."
O Lord, whose lips are lilies, sweet to me
As psaltery and as psalm,
Thy blessed words of glory that shall be,
Of song, and crown, and palm.
Yet sweeter even now to see Thy Face,
To find Thee now my rest—
My sorrow comforted in Thine embrace,
And soothed upon Thy breast.

By Henry Suso (died 1366)

Monday, 9 June 2014


It is your uniqueness
That I love; that confluence
Of goodness and grace, a blending
Of savours. There is no point
In analysis - knowing its chemicals
Does not enhance a meal - but let me
Relish what is distinctly

How does someone cope with
The heap of detritus, the jumble
Of a person? What will be retrieved
From the pile that is known as

I often repeat
“To know Him and the power
Of His resurrection” - yet I am aware
That this could be a mantra
With little moral effect. If I
Could know what is distinctly

(Posted for her birthday - though written years ago.)

Sunday, 8 June 2014


Since her frail coracle is set
Upon a swelling watercourse
When tumbling waves and tides have met
Guide her against their evil force!

Give strength and aid to us who try,
From our own fragile crafts, to keep
Her course from rugged rocks which lie
Threatening to hurl her in the deep.

And bring her safely home at last,
Secure eternally from harm,
Where no seas swell and no winds blast
Within the haven of Thine arm.

(Written when I had only one - so that's about 30 years ago.)

Saturday, 7 June 2014


He held me, through the nights and through the days;
He led me, through the arches of the years;
He kept me, through the labyrinthine way
Of my own mind: and through the mists of tears
He showed Himself, or spoke through rolling thunder.
Up vistaed hopes I sped;
Or stood, undeviated,
Despite Titanic glooms of chasmed fears
Since these strong hands still carried, carried under.
For with unwearying care,
Unyielding love to bear,
Deliberate grace, majestically construed
They cared, and a Voice spoke
Till answering love awoke,
“To those who love Me, all things work for good”.

(This a parody of a section of The Hound of Heaven by Francis Thomson.)

Friday, 6 June 2014


This is God’s beloved Son,
Hear Him;
God gave judgment to this One,
Fear Him;
Knowing all that He has done
And the triumph He has won
Sinner, seeking mercy, run
Near Him!

Be a sinner saved by grace
Through Him;
In your life give Him the space
Due Him;
He is ready for your case -
Mustered to a heavenly race
There upon the highest place
View Him!

Thursday, 5 June 2014


The work of God within a Christian soul
Exemplifies that He does all things well:
He forms without defect, and sets it whole
On His high places like a lithe gazelle.
And it is like a tree which once mature
Remains mature but does not cease to grow;
Its roots in love are gradually more sure
While boughs and branches sprout from strength below.
While is like a stone which will not shake
Since it is founded upon Christ, the Rock;
A living stone which vitally will take
Part in a structure Satan cannot shock.
Till in the glorious everlasting day
Christ formed in saints is what God will display.