Friday 28 February 2014


Extruding into the darkness
God introduced Himself with the word:
Let there be light!

Satisfied with the good earth,
Arena of His operations, He said,
Let us make man.

In a world where sin rampaged
On a long tether
God told His servant
I am Thy shield.

And reassured another,
And I am Jehovah.

But all moved to that day
When He said from an open heaven,
This is my beloved Son.

From that time
The character of Gods speaking
Has been speaking in Son.

But for us to hear this meant
That Christs great cry - My God,
Why hast Thou forsaken Me?
Went unheard.

Risen he divulged this secret:
My Father and your Father.

We wait in patience - as does God -
Till the time of that termination:
Behold, I make all things new.

Thursday 27 February 2014


The Lord is near
To cast out fear;
To cleanse from sin
And dwell within.

The Lord is near
To bring in cheer;
His gracious voice
Makes saints rejoice.

The Lord is near
Who is so dear;
His charms impart
Joy to each heart.

The Lord is near
Whom we revere;
Before Him now
We gladly bow.

The Lord is near -
He’ll soon appear
And take His own
To share His throne.

Wednesday 26 February 2014

Tuesday 25 February 2014


When Jesus walked His earthly way
How much the Father meant to Him!
He loved to hear at break of day
The words His Father had to say.

Should one betray, and one deny
While priest-led crowds called “Crucify!”
How much the Father meant to Him
As Christ went to the cross to die.

Upon the cross when all was done
Which He endured for everyone
Who owns Him God’s beloved Son
How much the Father meant to Him!

How much the Father meant to Him -
When glory brought Him from the dead,
When glory’s light was freely shed,
And glory crowned the Victor’s head.

Monday 24 February 2014


Because He valued Abel
God honoured him
By listening to the cry of his blood
From the ground.

He gave Joseph this accolade:
His coffin was carried,
Forty years,
By the myriads of the thousands of Israel.

Moses - faithful in all Gods house - God distinguished
As the only man
Whom He Himself buried.

Elishas grace and faith
Were accorded this distinction:
The dead man revived
When he touched Elishas bones.

In the sight of Jehovah
The death of His saints was precious.

But one Man deserved
                     A greater honour;
One Man required
                     A higher accolade;
One Man attracted
                     A greater distinguishment;
His moral worth
                     Ensured Him this distinction:
The Fathers glory raised Him from
                     Among the dead.

Sunday 23 February 2014


I cannot get enough of Jesus -
He is enough to overflow my heart
With all His loveliness and goodness,
With blessings He is longing to impart.

I long to see Him come in glory,
And long to be forever near my Lord,
Knowing His loveliness and goodness,
And having Him as blessing and reward.

But things of time still catch my fancy
Distracting me from Jesus and His grace,
Shading His loveliness and goodness
By putting clouds between me and His face.

O Holy Spirit, help me in my thinking,
And help me thwart the work of flesh and sin
That more His loveliness and goodness,
May fill my view, that Christ may dwell within.

Saturday 22 February 2014


The poor woman at
The well, the thief on the cross,
Were Christ’s comforters.

Friday 21 February 2014


You know the mountains cragged with snow
And all the grandeurs which pervade them?
I know
The One who made them.

You know the tender flowers which grow
Mid suns and winds which bloom and fade them?
I know
The One who made them.

You know the mighty rivers flow
Where human works cannot evade them?
I know
The One who made them.

Thursday 20 February 2014


He came to the garden
Which the perfection of His skill
Had planted; yet there was a blight
On the ground, a frost in the air;
Sin was in the garden.
Yet He gave promises of life.

He came to the garden
- Was its name oil press or winepress? -
And there was fruitfulness to God
From a Man whose perfect life
Met its denouement there.

She came to the garden,
Darkness around, winter in her mind;
He found her
And noonday light and summer sun
Pierced her and embraced her.

He came to the garden -
His enclosed garden
And the valley was verdant,
The vine budded,
The pomegranates blossomed.
The love and life of the garden
Transported Him.

Wednesday 19 February 2014


Sing to the Lord for He
Now is exalted;
He hath cast in the sea
Foes who assaulted.

Heaven has joined the fight
Satan discovers;
While like the sun in might
Rise all God’s lovers.

Men in their pride and scorn
Are disappointed
But God exalts the horn
Of His anointed.

Mercy has come to raise
Those who were lowly:
Spirit and soul give praise -
God’s name is holy!

Tuesday 18 February 2014


Gods love subsisted
Before the necessity
For grace had come in.

Monday 17 February 2014


The Samaritan,
Knowing the Innkeeper, knew
He would expend more.

Luke10: 35, "whatsoever thou shalt expend more ..."

Sunday 16 February 2014


For true love what it can is what it must
And since it can it must redeem the lost:
Thus true love overcomes the lie of lust.

A noble love came to our world of dust
To ransom us, whatever it might cost:
For true love what it can is what it must.

A righteous love came seeking the unjust
With energy our need could not exhaust;
Thus true love overcomes the lie of lust.

Pure love observed our world of mud and rust
And came for us where we were tempest-tossed:  
For true love what it can is what it must.

Now love all lovely shelters from sin's gust
And brings us warmth despite sin's bitter frost;
Thus true love overcomes the lie of lust.

A good report of love in which to trust
Comes from the hearts in which it is embossed;
For true love what it can is what it must:
Thus true love overcomes the lie of lust.

Saturday 15 February 2014


Spoils of war,
Tributes of nations,
Tokens of affection - all
Safe under the hand of
Azmaveth the son of Adiel.

Store, where it was needed -
Not only in country cities or valleys
But in towers, was garnered
Under Jonathan, son of Uzziah.

Garnering needs tillage,
Ground working, skill and patience:
Over those who work this
Ezri the son of Chelub.

If Shimei cared for the vineyards,
The live trees and their culture,
Zabdi the Shiphmite applied
His knowledge to the preservation
Of the wine stores in the vineyards.

From the lowlands fertility
Sprung sycamores and olive trees;
Baal-hanan the Gederite
Had charge of them.

Joash had a large responsibility
The fulness of the olive,
Cellars of oil.

For the herds in the plains by the sea -
Shitrai the Shilonite;
For the flocks in the valleys -
Shaphat the son of Adlai:
That the house of God and the house of the king
Might have rich supply.

Unclean beasts, the camels,
Unclean the Ishmaelite herder, Obil,
But mercy and need
Brought all into service.

Redeemed beasts, the asses,
Redeemed Jehdiah their carer
Since their lord had need of them.

And over the flocks, another
Subject of the sovereign fiat,
Was Jaziz the Hagarite.

All these were comptrollers
Of the substance which was king Davids.

(1 Chronicles 27: 25-31)

Friday 14 February 2014


He came from the heart of God
And perfectly here He trod,
With God as His sole resource,
A sinless and blameless course
Which honoured the Father’s name -
Yet led to the cross of shame.

And newly there runs since then
A way from that cross for men,
Blood-sprinkled and purified,
Who live since their Saviour died;
A way that is clear and broad
That leads to the heart of God.

Thursday 13 February 2014

Wednesday 12 February 2014

Tuesday 11 February 2014


He was what he ate: not
The adulterated food of Chaldea
Fit for a - heathen - king
But the simple, pure, pulse.

The lion “king of beasts”:
Yet they were to form
His court; there he stood, ennobled,
Lionised in their company.

If the word of God left him
Astonied, the word of God
Was the tower of strength
To speak truth to tyranny.

Amid the stench of a court
Here was a person so just
That no tinge of it clung to
A man, right with his God.

Thus he continued. Kings
Tried or fumbled the reins;
He, upright before his God,
Was “One greatly beloved”.

I continue to think about Philippians 4: 8

Monday 10 February 2014


We enjoy what God
Is in Christ, and God enjoys
What He has in Christ.

Friday 7 February 2014

Thursday 6 February 2014


The One by whom Man’s course began
And through whom Man has breath
Because of, and in love for, Man
Poured out His soul to death.

Now grace can overcome sin’s power
Like an advancing flood
Since Jesus, in that solemn hour,
Poured out His precious blood.

Ascended then to God’s right hand,
Acclaimed by heaven’s host
He thought of all His lovers and
Poured out the Holy Ghost.

He is in heaven but His name
Is loved by saints in light -
This is an ointment, they exclaim,
Poured out for our delight.

Wednesday 5 February 2014


Everything man needs
Has been supplied for him in
The Person of Christ.

Tuesday 4 February 2014


Into a world inured to shame
Because of Adam’s fall
God’s Son, the man Christ Jesus, came
And gave Himself for all.

He lived for us in poverty
Possessing not a penny,
Until He went to Calvary
And gave His life for many.

Faced by God’s judgement’s awful tide
I have a place to flee -
To be the One in whom to hide
He gave Himself for me.

Monday 3 February 2014


For the first time
I write specifically for
You, blog-followers.

For forty years the spring
Has babbled forth - you now
Set your vessels to catch some water.

You gratify me - yet
I fear lest I assume
Laurels crown my writing.

If any gold
Can be panned from my stream
Another has put it there;

If any refreshment touches
Your palate Another
Has settled the silt out.

May salt from the new cruse
Cause that this stream
Bursts with pureness only.

Last posted here on 26/10/09.

Sunday 2 February 2014


This is my 2,00th post.  I thought I should have something special - and realised that meant something by someone else.  Please take the time that it needs to read J N Darby's wonderful piece.

O EVER homeless Stranger,
Thus, dearest Friend to me;
An outcast in a manger,
That Thou might'st with us be!

How rightly rose the praises
Of heaven that wondrous night,
When shepherds hid their faces
In brightest angel-light!

More just those acclamations,
Than when the glorious band
Chanted earth's deep foundations,
Just laid by God's right hand.

Come now, and view that manger -
The Lord of glory see,
A houseless, homeless Stranger
In this poor world for thee -

To God, in the highest, glory,
  And peace on earth to find;
And learn that wondrous story,
Good pleasure in mankind.

How blessed those heavenly spirits,
Who joy increasing find,
That spite of our demerits
God's pleasure's in mankind;

And chant the highest glory
Of Him they praise above,
In telling out the story
Of God come down in love!

Oh, strange yet fit beginning
Of all that life of woe,
In which Thy grace was winning
Poor man his God to know!

Bless'd Babe! who lowly liest
In manger-cradle there;
Descended from the highest,
Our sorrows all to share.

Oh, suited now in nature
For Love's divinest ways,
To make the fallen creature
The vessel of Thy praise!

O Love, all thought surpassing!
That Thou should'st with us be,
Nor yet in triumph passing,
But human infancy!

We cling to Thee in weakness -
The manger and the cross;
We gaze upon Thy meekness,
Through suffering, pain, and loss;

There see the Godhead glory
Shine through that human veil,
And, willing, hear the story
Of Love that's come to heal.

My soul in secret follows
The footsteps of His love;
I trace the Man of sorrows,
His boundless grace to prove.

A child in growth and stature,
Yet full of wisdom rare;
Sonship, in conscious nature,
His words and ways declare.

Yet still in meek submission
His patient path He trod,
To wait His heavenly mission,
Unknown to all but God.

But who, Thy path of service,
Thy steps removed from ill,
Thy patient love to serve us,
With human tongue can tell?

Midst sin and all corruption,
Where hatred did abound,
Thy path of true perfection
Was light on all around.

In scorn, neglect, reviling,
Thy patient grace stood fast;
Man's malice unavailing
To move Thy heart to haste.

O'er all, Thy perfect goodness
Rose blessedly divine;
Poor hearts oppressed with sadness
Found ever rest in Thine.

The strong man in his armour
Thou mettest in Thy grace,
Did'st spoil the mighty charmer
Of our unhappy race.

The chains of man, his victim,
Were loosened by Thy hand;
No evils that afflict him
Before Thy power could stand.

Disease, and death, and demon,
All fled before Thy word,
As darkness the dominion
Of day's returning lord!

The love that bore our burden
On the accursed tree,
Would give the heart its pardon,
And set the sinner free!

Love, that made Thee a mourner
In this sad world of woe,
Made wretched man a scorner
Of grace - that brought Thee low.

Still in Thee love's sweet savour
Shone forth in every deed,
And showed God's loving favour
To every soul in need.

I pause: - for in Thy vision
The day is hastening now,
When for our lost condition
Thy holy head shall bow;

When, deep to deep still calling,
The waters reach Thy soul,
And - death and wrath appalling -
Their waves shall o'er Thee roll.

O day of mightiest sorrow,
Day of unfathomed grief!
When Thou should'st taste the horror
Of wrath without relief.

O day of man's dishonour!
When, for Thy love supreme,
He sought to mar Thine honour,
Thy glory turn to shame.

O day of our confusion!
When Satan's darkness lay,
In hatred and delusion,
On ruined nature's way.

Thou soughtest for compassion -
Some heart Thy grief to know,
To watch Thine hour of passion -
For comforters in woe.

No eye was found to pity,
No heart to bear Thy woe;
But shame, and scorn, and spitting -
None cared Thy name to know.

The pride of careless greatness
Could wash its hands of Thee;
Priests, that should plead for weakness,
Must Thine accusers be!

Man's boasting love disowns Thee;
Thine own Thy danger flee;
A Judas only owns Thee
That Thou may'st captive be.

O man! How hast thou proved
What in thy heart is found;
By grace divine unmoved,
By self in fetters bound.

Yet with all grief acquainted,
The Man of sorrows view,
Unmoved - by ill untainted -
The path of grace pursue.

In death, obedience yielding
To God His Father's will,
Love still its power is wielding
To meet all human ill.

On him who had disowned Thee
Thine eye could look in love -
'Midst threats and taunts around Thee -
To tears of grace to move.

What words of love and mercy
Flow from those lips of grace,
For followers that desert Thee,
For sinners in disgrace!

The robber learned beside Thee,
Upon the cross of shame -
While taunts and jeers deride Thee -
The savour of Thy name.

Then, finished all, in meekness
Thou to Thy Father's hand
(Perfect Thy strength in weakness)
Thy spirit dost commend.

O Lord! Thy wondrous story
My inmost soul doth move;
I ponder o'er Thy glory -
Thy lonely path of love!

But, O divine Sojourner
'Midst man's unfathomed ill,
Love, that made Thee a mourner,
It is not man's to tell!

We worship, when we see Thee
In all Thy sorrowing path;
We long soon to be with Thee
Who bore for us the wrath.

Come then, expected Saviour;
Thou Man of sorrows, come!
Almighty, blest Deliverer!
And take us to Thee - home.

J N Darby (1800-1882)