Thursday 9 February 2017



Off to add to the collection at for a couple of weeks, visiting believers on the Lord Jesus there.  If the Lord will.

Thankful for prayers for the visit;
Grace be with you all


Wednesday 8 February 2017


Homelessness: Adam's condition,
Ousted from Eden, He took part in
From His moment of birth. A beast has its earth;
A bird its nest; even the sun its tent;
He had nowhere to lay His head.
He must pass by foot the land's length,
Becoming wearied, requesting refreshment,
His feet roughed by shards of stone.
Though always purposefully advancing to that ultimate  
Homelessness; friendlessness  
That through anguish for men He should secure
Never to be lacked, God's concept of home.

Saturday 4 February 2017


"Does not His love refresh my spirit now?
- Does not His love restore my soul."  I long
For that domain where, grace says, I belong
Though in this desert.  He will tell me how
He walked loves pathway till He had to bow
And give His spirit up.  He gives a song
To cheer my footsteps though I trudge along,
Assuring me how well He will endow
With grace - Does not His love restore my soul?
Does not His love refresh my spirit now?
Does not His grace bring heaven into view,
While mercy makes my wounded spirit whole.
Yet, from this wilderness, grace will allow
Me to refresh His soul and spirit too.

This sonnet originated in reading the following ministry:

Wednesday 1 February 2017


After the death of Joseph, God’s dreamer,
Egypt haltered Israel,
Bowed under brick.
What did they need? God knew well
And, sovereignly philanthropic,
Came as Redeemer.
Shot of the Egyptian, their horse-dealer,
Fed by the Passover lamb,
Led through the Red Sea,
With tambours psalming their psalm:
Yet God perceived their need that He
Should be their Healer.

In the desert, watered by Moses’ rod,
Daily fed by manna, yet
Flesh-bridled to err,
Meandering with regret
They found God willing to be their
Tabernacle God.

Come to the land of honey, milk, cedar,
Store-corn, water-brooks, brave towns
And walled enemies:
As they wreaked justice on crowns,
Sword or wall in their victories
God was their Leader.

Such-loving-kindness! What an investor

Of love! What adaptation

To His people’s need!

Till, glad in His salvation,

In the house to which His plans led

God is a Rester.