Sunday, 27 December 2009


It was for me Christ hung upon the cross;
He made atonement for evil I had wrought
And bore my sins in poverty and loss;
Made sin for me He met God's righteous wrath;
He was my ransom and His own life the cost,
While by His precious blood I have been bought.
He died for me and ‑ oh amazing thought! -
The One who died is in His Person God.
For me He took the curse of broken law,
Reconciled me who otherwise was lost,
Shed precious blood to cleanse from every spot
And lives to be Deliverer and Lord.


  1. Blessings and prayers, andrea

  2. When I think of the significance of the cross and what my saviour did for me, I am filled with gratitude.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, and a prosperous new year ahead. Thanks for your support and encouragement in 2009.

  3. dear david..this poem really hits the spot!
    from terry

  4. Amen!
    It was for me Christ hung upon the cross;
    our faith is personal

  5. David,

    And what an ultimate gift it is to not only receive it but to share it with those around us each and every day.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  6. Thanks for this reminder. It was for me, for me, for me he was born, died and rose again.

  7. This is good time to reflect on the cross

  8. Was it for me, for me alone,
    The Saviour left His glorious throne,
    The dazzling splendors of the sky?
    Was it for me He came to die?

    It was for me, yes, all for me,
    O love of God, so great, so free,
    O wondrous love, I'll shout and sing,
    He died for me, my Lord and King!

    Was it for me, sweet angel strains
    Came floating o'er Judea's plains
    That starlit night so long ago?
    Was it for me God planned it so?

    Was it for me the Saviour said:
    "Pillow thy weary, aching head
    Trustingly on thy Saviour's breast"?
    Was it for me? Can I thus rest?

    Was it for me He wept and prayed,
    My load of sin before Him laid,
    That night within Gethsemane?
    Was it for me, that agony?

    Was it for me He bowed His head
    Upon the cross and freely shed
    His precious blood, that crimson tide?
    Was it for me the Saviour died?

    david when we lived out west on the prairies of manitoba we used to sing this song over and over again as we were driven to gospel meetings 33 miles on the flat roads.
    i never reailized until a few years later that this song was really true and at the age of 17 i was saved!
    this was such a great post, i had to read it again....from terry


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