Thursday 30 April 2009


Our Father we are here
Because of Thine own thought;
To gratify Thee we are brought
To this celestial sphere

Our Father we are here
As introduced by Him
Whose worth to Thee will never dim
And in Whom we appear.

Our Father we are here
Since we delight to dwell
With One whose love is known so well,
To worship and revere.

Our Father we are here
Suited as heavenly ones;
Formed by Thy Son, ourselves as sons,
With Christ who has no peer.

Wednesday 29 April 2009


The love of God sought
Persons for it to love, and
Made them loveable.

Tuesday 28 April 2009


Unarranged, the sensations
Suck by my senses to
My "faulty sensory perception".

Within, further confusion,
The sense of humour

From the core
The sense of sny

O wretched man that I am!
Who shall deliver me
From this body of death?

If what I need is a Deliverer
What I gain also
Is a Master.

If what I need is an Escape
What I gain
Is also a Lord.

If what I need is a Resource
What I have
Is a Head also.

Monday 27 April 2009


Guilt was borne by Jesus.

My guilt
Was borne by Jesus.

My guilt was borne
By Jesus.

My guilt was borne by

Friday 24 April 2009


Andrew, discerning that to meet
Messiah was his brother’s wish,
Brought Simon as his earliest fish
To lay before the Master’s feet.

But Simon was already known
Before he joined Christ’s company
For He looked on him carefully
And gave to him the surname “stone”.

Thus was begun a work which would
Proceed by teaching, grace, rebuke
And all the ways that wisdom took
Till what remained was wholly good.

The Master, walking by the sea
Saw Peter and his brother cast
Their net, as often in the past;
They ceased when He said, “Follow Me”.

In Simon’s house the Lord observed
His mother-in-law who was ill;
With Him it was not long until,
Under His powerful hand, she served.

When Jesus guided to detach
From nature Peter - doubtful yet
Obedient - letting down his net
Was given an overwhelming catch.

He cried, stunned by the bulging haul,
“O Lord, I am a sinful man:
Depart from me!” - but then began
To go with Christ, forsaking all.

Such now his hunger and his thirst
For righteousness that he was blessed
And, sovereignly, among the rest
Of the disciples he was first.

Thus in the history we may note
Increased affection for the Friend;
“If it be Thou” - he would depend
On Christ to draw him from the boat.

And if while on the water waves
Distracted till he cried with fear
He quickly found the Lord is near
As One who cares, and helps, and saves.

The twelve, like formed stones in a hod,
Were borne till each should be a block
Being built together on the Rock,
The Christ, Son of the living God.

But it was Peter who confessed
Because to him it was revealed -
He had begun to be a field
Whose produce showed the Lord had blessed.

Yet it was Peter who next took
Jesus to him, trying to divert
From suffering, making Christ assert
Peter’s mind’s sin, by sharp rebuke.

Peter was one whom Jesus chose
To climb the mountain where the light
Shone from Christ, and His clothes were white -
And what did Peter do but doze!

Wakening he, with his usual vim
Spoke - but mistook God’s special choice;
He was adjusted by the voice,
“This is my Well-Beloved: hear Him“.

Years after Peter could record
The glory of Christ’s majesty
And what the Father had to say
To magnify His Son, our Lord.

Descending to a lowly place
The Saviour took the dying way
And helped His own from day to day
To learn Him and to grow in grace.

When Peter said of Christ that He
Would pay the tribute men thought due
He gave - and gave for Peter too -
But taught him that “the sons are free”.

He gave as Master of the sea
By bringing first to Peter’s hook
The creature from whose mouth he took
The coin, Christ said, “for Me and thee”

Amid men’s ignorance and crimes
He taught His own how they should live,
Instructing Peter to forgive
To seventy times seven times.

Christ shunned by Jews and their High Priest
Sent John and Peter as a pair
To work together to prepare,
In line with his desire, the feast.

But in His wisdom He did not
Provide a name of house or street;
They would be led when they would meet
A man who bore a waterpot.

Their work for Him might be complete
But His for them went on apace -
Kindly He took the servant’s place
Coming to each to wash His feet.

That One with all things in His hand,
Laying His usual garments by,
Should take their feet to wash and dry
Peter could barely understand.

Christ taught that nothing else sufficed
If Peter was to know His mind -
And how ennobling to find
That thought was to have part with Christ.

The Lord then showed to them before
The sorrow came how great His care,
With Simon, subject of His prayer,
Assured that Jesus would restore.

See Peter at Gethsemane
Asleep - or brandishing a sword:
Or hear while he denies his Lord
As warmed by fleshly company.

For Peter to repent this sin
Did not require a harsh rebuke
But only Jesus’ tender look
Since grace was strengthening within.

See Peter, lately sunk in gloom,
Bitter in spirit and forlorn,
Bounding, as if he was reborn,
Towards the Saviour’s empty tomb.

In the same grace He showed before
The day when the Lord Jesus rose
Was spent in shepherd care for those
Like Simon whom He would restore.

Christ spoke of more than men could wish
In heavenly relationships -
But see how quickly Peter dips
From God’s high thought to go to fish.

As always Christ’s response was fine:
He gave the wanderers a catch
Which human efforts could not match,
Then said to them to come and dine.

Christ’s probe to Peter’s soul was deep,
Though that was grace to meet his need;
Then Christ could give the charge to feed
His lambs, and feed and herd His sheep.

God’s work secured in Peter’s soul
Could, though the Lord had gone on high,
Give wisdom and the word to apply
That the disciples might be whole.

Thus when the Holy Spirit came
Peter was ready for the hour
And God could fill him with the power
Suiting the message to proclaim.

He preached of how God’s counsels planned
That Jesus died (while men displayed
Their hatred) and that God had made
Him Lord and Christ at His right hand.

He preached that Jesus Christ who went
To death was He who had sustained
All life, and they would be maintained
By Him if they would just repent.

He preached the virtue of the Name
Of Jesus Christ, the Corner Stone:
Since that Name - and that Name alone -
Has power to be the sinner’s claim.

He preached that God must be obeyed,
While through the One men crucified,
Whom God had raised and glorified,
The Holy Spirit was conveyed.

He preached to Gentile as to Jew
Asserting Christ is Lord of all -
Gentiles who answer to His call
Will have their sins remitted too.

He preached with power - but power was seen
In action too: the lame man walked,
Leaped, and praised God, when Peter talked
Of Jesus Christ the Nazarean.

While there was power in judgment when
Defiant Ananias lied
Since it was God he had defied
As his wife’s judgment showed again.

And there was power when he had kneeled,
Then called out, “Tabitha, arise”;
With Dorcas opening her eyes
God’s might and favour were revealed.

And there was power from God to reach
The Gentiles - and in Peter’s mind
To break the wall there till we find
Him greet Cornelius through that breach.

The Lord required that he should see,
From heaven, the beasts in the great sheet
And have the word to slay and eat:
It came, he said, “even to me”.

Yet law’s grip on him was to force
Paul to withstand him to the face:
Only by faith in Christ, through grace,
We have relief, and new resource.

If wicked men would have him chained,
With walls, and guards, and gates to keep
Him till his death Peter could sleep
Since, come what might, God would have gained.

Soon he had reason to rejoice -
Chains fall, the angel leads, gates swing,
He finds a prayerful gathering
Of saints, and one who knows his voice.

Though Jesus had conveyed to him
That Peter would be bound, and die,
In his epistles the supply
Of faith and grace have not grown dim.

He wrote about the preciousness
Of Jesus blood - the blood of One
Foreknown before time had begun
Through whom God’s heart is free to bless.

He wrote about the preciousness
Of Jesus as the Living Stone,
God’s chosen to whom we alone
Come, though men think him valueless.

He wrote about the preciousness
Of One formed in the Christian’s heart
Which gives grace beyond human art
From twist of gold or curl of tress.

He wrote about the preciousness
Of that faith which believers share;
Yet gave us warning to take care
Lest we should fall from steadfastness.

Ready to quit his earthly tent
And knowing this would soon take place
His final word was, “Grow in grace…”
Following his own development.

“…And in the knowledge of our Lord
And Saviour Jesus Christ”, the Man
With whom God’s work, since it began,
Brought Peter’s soul into accord.

His words to us are ended when
That Name had made his spirit bow
In praise - “To Him be glory…now
And to…eternity. Amen”

Away for a couple of days - so I have left you something to keep you going!

Thursday 23 April 2009


Extruding into the darkness
God introduced Himself with the word:
“Let there be light!”

Satisfied with the good earth,
Arena of His operations, He said,
“Let us make man”.

In a world where sin rampaged
On a long tether
God told His servant
“I am Thy shield”.

And reassured another,
And “ I am Jehovah”.

But all moved to that day
When He said from an open heaven,
“This is my beloved Son”.

From that time
The character of God’s speaking
Has been speaking in Son.

But for us to hear this meant
That Christ’s great cry - “My God,
Why hast Thou forsaken Me?”
Went unheard.

Risen he divulged this secret:
“My Father and your Father”.

We wait in patience - as does God -
Till the time of that termination:
“Behold, I make all things new”.

Wednesday 22 April 2009


As lightening flashes shattering the gloom
In the disciples hearts the message came ‑
Jesus the Lord is risen from the tomb.

And still in souls by grace preserved from doom
The message and effect remain the same ‑
As lightening flashes shattering the gloom

They come and move the heart till we have room
For nothing but the glory of the Name ‑
Jesus. The Lord is risen from the tomb

And comes among His own as the Bridegroom
Who gave Himself and thus secured His claim.
As lightening flashes shattering the gloom

He will return ‑ before He will consume
Those who reject Him ‑ for us who proclaim
"Jesus the Lord is risen. From the tomb

He is now free. And soon He will assume
The public place that suits His worth and fame."
As lightening flashes shattering the gloom
Jesus the Lord is risen from the tomb.

Tuesday 21 April 2009


The words banner forth
Boldly expressive:

The Lord, the Christ, the Son of God,
The Son of Man, the Shepherd.

Substitute "a" for "the" ‑
And the fabric is grounded,

Like a banner
With no flagpole.

Alone the word "the" is gaunt
As an unused staff.

O Lord, help me to be
A definite article!

Monday 20 April 2009


After the secret years when Christ excelled
In virtue, largely for the Father's sight,
Praying, He was baptised and thus impelled
The Father's exclamation of delight.

Upon the holy mountain where Christ prayed,
After the years of service among men
In which God's grace was perfectly displayed,
The Father's joy in Christ was told again.

After the fulness of Christ's work was done
To expiate, redeem, forgive and save,
Enraptured by the beauties of the Son
The Father's glory raised Him from the dead.

Sunday 19 April 2009


Because He valued Abel
God honoured him
By listening to the cry of his blood
From the ground.

He gave Joseph this accolade:
His coffin was carried,
Forty years,
By the myriads of the thousands of Israel.

Moses - faithful in all God’s house - God distinguished
As the only man
Whom He Himself buried.

Elisha’s grace and faith
Were accorded this distinction:
The dead man revived
When he touched Elisha’s bones.

In the sight of Jehovah
The death of His saints was precious.

But one Man deserved
A greater honour;
One Man required
A higher accolade;
One Man attracted
A greater distinguishment;
His moral worth
Ensured Him this distinction:
The Father’s glory raised Him from
Among the dead.

Saturday 18 April 2009


Before the worlds began
And God commanded light
The mind of God conceived a Man
To be for His delight.

Before Christ's holy life
In bondman form and part
The heart of God conceived a wife
To answer to His heart.

Before they were bereft
The Lord's disciples knew
The love of Christ prepared and left
His peace to bear them through.

Before He would ascend
To share the Father's throne
The grace of Jesus pledged to send
His Spirit to His own.

Before He reigns as King
In equity and grace
The voice of Christ Himself will bring
His bride to share His place.

Friday 17 April 2009


When Satan offered Him glory
He rejected it, giving
The glory to God.

When men offer Him glory
He departed to the mountains
Himself alone.

But, speaking to the Father,
He could rejoice to
Ask to be glorified.

Thursday 16 April 2009


Now is a time to keep Christ’s word
And not deny His precious name,
Although church failures have occurred,
And all that leads to public shame.

Now is a time to keep your heart
From sin, the world, and Satan’s wiles
With grace Christ wishes to impart
To guard you when their power beguiles.

Now is a time to keep your foot
On God’s straight way when you approach
The house of God that you may meet
With happiness, and not reproach.

Now is a time to keep your eyes
Where God has chosen now to reap -
In all these things you will be wise
And with those saints Christ loves to keep.

Wednesday 15 April 2009


We gather, Lord, to call to mind
Thyself and all Thy worthiness;
Thou hast secured all God designed
For those whom He desired to bless;
Our souls and spirits lifted up
We break the bread, we drink the cup.

We gather, Lord, till Thou shalt come
As testimony in the scene
When, mid this world's opprobrium
Thy death and sufferings have been;
Our souls and spirits lifted up
We break the bread, we drink the cup.

We gather, Lord, unto Thy Name
In fellowship that will not cease
United in the single aim
Of righteousness, faith, love and peace
Our souls and spirits lifted up
We break the bread, we drink the cup.

We gather, Lord, to furnish Thee
With opportunity to show
Thyself and all Thy love whilst we
Remain in pilgrimage below:
Our souls and spirits lifted up
We break the bread, we drink the cup.

Tuesday 14 April 2009


Her soul unveiled to the shafts
Of divine light the woman perceived
That He was a prophet. But He did not leave her
Till her soul also knew Him as the Christ.

His eyes opened, and his heart
Opened the once blind man affirmed
That He was a prophet. But to finish His task
Christ showed that He is Son of God.

Wandering, disturbed that they lacked
The One that they asserted to be
A prophet. He went with them, lit
Their hearts, and made known, Himself.

Monday 13 April 2009


When tested by the enemy's alarms
And he appears resilient and bold
Recall, "Thy refuge is the God of old
And underneath are the eternal arms".

When tempted by the world's apparent charms,
Reject its tinsel for God's finest old
And say, "Thy refuge is the God of old
And underneath are the eternal arms".

Heir of a portion far from human harms
Where all the blessings of His grace unfold
Rejoice, "Thy refuge is the God of old
And underneath are the eternal arms"!

Sunday 12 April 2009


Like a tiny vine,
Ingrid Amy Ellis,
Granddaughter of mine.
Grow upon your trellis.

In your sunny spring
Or when storm clouds gather
You will learn to cling
To a loving father.

Though hot sun or hail
Follow one another,
Or through drought or gale,
Clasp a caring mother.

Do not trust in them
For their good behaviour -
All their strength will stem
From their Lord and Saviour.

May you trust in Him!
Triumph and disaster
Will disturb no limb
If He is your Master.

Then you will provide
Fruit the Lord can gather
- Fruit which will abide
For His God and Father.

For a first granddaughter - now four and with two little sisters.

Saturday 11 April 2009


I thank the Lord for
“A measure of well-being” -
A good measure too!

Friday 10 April 2009


In lungs or nostrils,
Or the atmosphere, He gives
The breath which I breathe.

Thursday 9 April 2009


My Saviour loves me,
And our great Priest loves me, and
The Bridegroom loves me.

Wednesday 8 April 2009


I have a part in
That glorious body that Christ
Calls “my assembly”.

Tuesday 7 April 2009


Palms and fingers skilled
Her diligent hands make her
My woman of worth.

Monday 6 April 2009


I live protected
By stone walls; but know it has
Its own grey beauty.

Sunday 5 April 2009


You may use it for
Drink, refreshment or cleansing,
Simmering, baptism...

Saturday 4 April 2009


Each day He gives us
The needed bread for that day,
Our heavenly Father.

Friday 3 April 2009


She taught me God’s word,
Prayed for me, and showed to me
Courage in all things.

"My mother"

Thursday 2 April 2009


The strength of Christ’s love has been proved when He came
To suffer, and lie in the grave;
The power of His love those who know it acclaim -
Kind to seek, strong to welcome and save.

“The Father Himself has affection for you
Since ye have affection for me” -
The Lord has conveyed to our souls heaven’s view
Great in grace, grand in love to set free.

Wednesday 1 April 2009


Earth has no pretensions;
We have access through a Man
found in Adam’s figure,
perfect in that condition.

Stone is permanence:
A Man out of death
beyond the power of man -
and let none attempt to inflict
human improvements.

But for an altar in God’s tabernacle
God requires wood -
acacia wood: Man

Copper endures the heat,
While the acacia wood -
Man in the place of judgement -
sustains the judgement.

Gold displays the fulness
While the acacia wood -
Man in the place of glory -
sustains the glory.