Monday, 5 December 2022

Deo iuvante, by Lady Jane Grey

 Deo iuvante, nil nocet liver malus;

Et non iuvante, nil iuvat labor gravis;

Post tenebras spiro lucem.

Lady Jane Grey 1537-1554

(Nine days queen of England:

My version of this is:

If God should help, no harm shall bruise;

Without Him, we will only lose:

After the dark, I hope for light.

More of the Ettrick Valley

Friday, 2 December 2022

To M. Jhone Welshe by Elizabeth Melville, Lady Culross


My dear brother, with courage bear the crosse,

Joy sall be joyned to all thy sorrow here;

High is thy hope; disdain this earthlie drosse!

Once sall you see the wished day appear.

Now it is dark, thy sky cannot be clear;

Efter the clouds, it sall be calm anone.

Wait on his will whoes blood hath bought thee dear,

Extoll his name, tho’ outward joyes be gone;

Look to the Lord, thou art not left alone,

Since he is there quhat pleasure canst thou take! -

He is at hand, and hears thy heavy groan,

End out thy faught, and suffer for his sake!

   A sight most bright thy soul sall schortly see

   When store of Glore thy rich reward sall be.

Elizabeth Melville, Lady Culross  (c.1578–c.1640)

(Notice the acrostic)

On Captain's Road

Saturday, 26 November 2022

Verse by Lady Elizabeth Tyrwhit

I am the fruit of Adam’s hands.

Through sinne locked in Sathans bands:

Destined to death, the childe of ire,

A flaming brand of infernal fire.

Borne I was naked and bare,

And spend my time in sorrow and care:

And shall returne unto the dust,

And be deprived of carnal lust.

Yet thou Father didst Jesus send,

To pardon them that did offend.

We laude thee in the work of might,

That we be blessed in thy sight.

Lady Elizabeth Tyrwhit c1548-1582

Thursday, 24 November 2022

EPITAPH FOR HERSELF by Catherine Killigrew


(A Version from Latin)

I sleep now with the Lord; in Him I’ll rise;

I’ll see my Saviour, as rising from the dead.

One part of me is flourishing though one part dies;

In time I’ll live, with Christ to be my Head.


Ettrick Valley, Scottish Borders

Saturday, 19 November 2022

MARTHA by Martha Moulsworth Widdowe


My name was Martha, Martha took much pain

Our Saviour Christ her guest to entertain;

God give me grace my inward house to dight                                    (

That He with me may sup, and stay the night.

(Dight is "made ready"

Martha Moulsworth Widdowe (1577-after 1632)


Tushielaw Inn Welcome

Around Tushielaw Inn, Ettrick Valley, Scottish Borders 

Saturday, 12 November 2022

DIVINE SONNET by William Alabaster


Jesu, thy love within me is so main,

And my poor heart so narrow of content,

That with thy love my heart wellnigh is rent,

And yet I love to bear such loving pain.

O take thy cross and nails and therewith strain

My heart’s desire unto his full extent,

That thy dear love may not therein be pent,

But thoughts may have free scope thy love to explain.

O now my heart more paineth than before,

Because it can receive and hath no more,

O fill this emptiness or else I die,

Now stretch my heart again and now supply,

Now I want space, now grace. To end this smart,

Since my heart holds not thee, hold thou my heart.

Sunday, 6 November 2022

JESUS IS BORN by William Alabaster

Jesus is born. Peace, such high words forbear,
Which only angel’s mouth deserves to unfold.
Then let them speak these mysteries enrolled.
At me, they must be sung of that sweet choir.
Then let mine ears that blessed carol hear.
No, only holy shepherds be so bold.
With joy then let them hear this uncontrolled.
Nor do, for holy shepherds hear with fear.
Ay me, that am unworthy him to name,
Yet none so worthy to be named as he,
Ay me, unworthy for to hear the same,
Yet nothing so deserveth heard to be.
What then? Compare both these, his worth, my scorn;
His far weigheth down: Jesus is born.

William Alabaster (1567-1640)

Selkirk and Area