Thursday, 16 January 2020


When seeing Jesus in His dignity
Where His true faithfulness has been displayed
"Are not thine eyes upon fidelity"?

Feeling the buffets of adversity
What noble faithfulness Stephen displayed
When seeing Jesus in His dignity.

As you behold amid calamity
The Just One both forsaken and betrayed
Are not thine eyes upon fidelity?

See Stephen in his grace and purity
Face all man's hatred and be undismayed
When seeing Jesus in His dignity.

Seeing God's people's amiability
As walking in the path that Christ has made
"Are not thine eyes upon fidelity"?

Proclaim that grace that touched our  depravity
 And faithful saints need never be afraid
When seeing Jesus in His dignity.
Are not thine eyes upon fidelity?

See Jeremiah 5: 3: "Jehovah, are not thine eyes upon fidelity".  (JND Translation, which I usually use.)

Monday, 13 January 2020

Kingdom Poets (a blog by D.S. Martin): Edmund Spenser*

Kingdom Poets (a blog by D.S. Martin): Edmund Spenser*: Edmund Spenser (1552―1599) is considered one of the greatest English poets, for having glorified both England and its language through his e...

Sunday, 12 January 2020


Judges 4 
Sisera, finding flight expedient,
Reached Jael, and so fled the battles's clamour;
She gave him milk; he slept within the tent:
She took the tent-pin and the workman's hammer.

She smote his temple - for God had decreed
His death would not enhance a warrior's glamour.
Her hands were practised for the time of need.

Monday, 6 January 2020


Because the Shepherd

Knowing the depths of my need
Gave Himself for me;

Because the Shepherd
In His goodness carried me
On His own shoulders;

Because the Spirit
Has shone around my darkness
The light of God's Word;

Because the Spirit
Has swept the house carefully
Until He found me.

Because the Father
Ran to give me a welcome,
Embraced, and kissed me.

Because I am clothed
In the Best Robe that God has,
The worth of Christ.

Because I've been given
The token of divine love
A ring on my hand.

Because I now wear
The dignity that God gives,
Sandals on my feet.

Because I can share
The feast on the fatted calf:
God's thoughts of His Son.

Because God in grace
Desires to give me a place
In the Father's house.

Tuesday, 31 December 2019


(for Catriona)

A new year has begun: after the years
Of human patience, folly and endeavour -
Salted with sea-spray, human blood, and tears -
Which had their spring-tide but have ebbed forever.
Fragments of lives, famous, worthwhile or dull
Strand on the shifting dunes we call "today";
We beach-comb through sea-sculpted drift to cull
Some shards we dignify as "history".

But through the moon-tossed sea and wind-blown sand
Pierces the Rock: we turn as do the tides
But Christ remains. We may not understand
Yet apprehend that He who now presides
Above the orb of time invaded time
In love that is eternal and sublime.

Catriona, who knows how long after I wrote, this now lectures in history.

Sunday, 29 December 2019


The cherubim cry, “Glory!” round the throne;
His holiness is told by seraphim;
While blood-bought grace-supported saints all own,
“Blessed are all who have their trust in him”!

When all around the pilgrim’s path seems grim
We look to Jesus on the father’s throne:
“Blessed are all who have their trust in him”
Who once endured the wrath of God alone.

The richness of His mercy being known
“Blessed are all who have their trust in him”
Who serves as priest before the Father’s throne
To succour us although our light seems dim.

“Blessed are all who have their trust in him”
By whom God’s very nature has been shown,
Who fills our cup of blessing to the brim
And who shall reign “a priest upon a throne”.

Thursday, 19 December 2019


How shall this be? the virgin asked

When told of how she had been tasked.

The Spirit Gabriel said, shall be

On thee, and power will shadow thee.

Where is the King? the magi said,

Expecting some soft royal bed;

His star led to the Lord of all

Laid in a manger in a stall.

Who then is this? whispering in awe

Those on the sea with Jesus saw

The calm His speaking spread abroad

And recognised the Son of God.

When shall He die? the world replied,

Only content when Jesus died;

Yet we can gladly understand

The time, and death, were in Gods hand.

Why dost thou weep? The risen Man

In care that was not other than

Care shown before - while now He could

Bring saints into new realms of good.

What shall I do? the jailed called,

Fearing as one whom sin enthralled;

No longer fearful and depraved,

Through faith in Jesus he was saved.

Tuesday, 17 December 2019


A paean,
Eruption of soul and spirit,
Touching the King.

Bursting from silence
I prophesy the Coming One,
The Day Spring.

Stolid, a craftsman, why
Choose me as trustee of
The Holy Thing?

Though the weather cuts
And stones abrade,
Nettles and thorns sting

We glory in our pilgrimage
More than in ease
Or governing

Glad to be encumbered  
Gold, frankincense and myrrh  
By gifts we bring.

More than an angel
Redeemed, directed, lightened,
I now can sing.