Tuesday, 19 March 2019


Here His grace
Is complete:
On my face
At His feet.


I doubt if I'll manage to get shorter than that!

Saturday, 16 March 2019


There's nothing like the cross;
Its rigours cut across
The wisdom and the pride
In which men would confide.

There's nothing like the grave:
If Jesus were to save
The rigour of its clasp
Must hold Him in its grasp.

There's nothing like the place
Before the Father's face,
Beyond all grief and loss
Since Christ endured the cross.

There's nothing like the throne
He'll sit on with His own
For whom He faced the grave
And rose with power to save.


Wednesday, 13 March 2019


Hi, folk,

Just to mention that one of my poems has been posted to "Poems for Ephesians" at

Poems for Ephesians

Do have a look!

Saturday, 9 March 2019


Since Jesus is my Master
My heart is an
Emplacement for Him.

For my defence
He is my Rock, my Fortress
And my bartizan.

Expanding my border
He is my Partisan
Amid Satan's reich.

How great a Person
To condescend
To be an artisan.


Friday, 1 March 2019


Come to York Station I observed the folk
Who waited there:
Some read their papers; others heard or spoke
In huddles; some scanned mobiles, half-aware
Of life around them; all ignored the ads,
Shabbily over them; staffed propped a wall
Or barrow, dandered off, and paused again;
Some youths exemplified the latest fads
Of speech or clothing.  If asked they would all
Have said that they were waiting for a train.

The platform opposite seemed empty - till
The train moved out:
A camera-wielding huddle seemed to fill
The platform end; and no lens gazed about,
But all aimed up the track; and soon I saw
An ancient locomotive panting near,
Weaving its shawl of steam and smoke behind;
The power that drove her speed had power to draw
From papers, phones, homes, wives, and trade and gear
That waiting crowd, all of one view and mind.

My friend, your waiting for the Lord to come
To catch away
His saints before His bright imperium
When every tongue accepts that He holds sway.
But are you waiting on the platform's length,
Distracted from the coming of the Lord?
Or are you at the platforms edge, no clog
Disturbing when He comes in grace and strength?
Come, friend: He's coming to be faith's reward,
And let us gaze towards Him, each heart agog.

Kingdom Poets (a blog by D.S. Martin): George Moses Horton

Kingdom Poets (a blog by D.S. Martin): George Moses Horton: George Moses Horton (1797—1884) is a North Carolina poet who was a slave. He was born on the plantation of William Horton, where he taught h...

Fascinating story!

Saturday, 23 February 2019


Matthew 4

On the mountain of temptation
The Son of God displayed
The glory of subjection.

Matthew 5

On the mountain of legislation
The great King
Promulgated a fresh form of law.

Matthew 14

On the mountain of intercession
Jesus Christ the righteous
Acted Patron with the Father

Matthew 15

On the mountain of compassion
The Evangelist
Was the answer to ever need.

Matthew 17

On the mountain of transfiguration
God's beloved Son
Was announced as the One to be heard.

Matthew 24

The Mount of Olives,
Scene of wonders and signs,
Became the mountain of education.

Matthew 28

On the mountain of confirmation
The Risen One
Assured, commissioned, and empowered.

22 February 2019

Tuesday, 12 February 2019


Then the Prince called for the prisoners to come and to stand again before him, and they came and stood trembling.  And he said unto them, ‘The sins, trespasses, iniquities, that you, with the whole town of Mansoul, have from time to time committed against my Father and me, I have power and commandment from my Father to forgive to the town of Mansoul, and do forgive you accordingly.’  And having so said, he gave them, written in parchment, and sealed with seven seals, a large and general pardon, commanding my Lord Mayor, my Lord Willbewill, and Mr. Recorder, to proclaim and cause it to be proclaimed to-morrow, by that the sun is up, throughout the whole town of Mansoul.
Moreover, the Prince stripped the prisoners of their mourning weeds, and gave them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, and the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.
Then he gave to each of the three jewels of gold and precious stones, and took away their ropes, and put chains of gold about their necks, and ear-rings in their ears.  Now, the prisoners, when they did hear the gracious words of Prince Emmanuel, and had beheld all that was done unto them, fainted almost quite away; for the grace, the benefit, the pardon, was sudden, glorious, and so big, that they were not able, without staggering, to stand up under it.  Yea, my Lord Willbewill swooned outright; but the Prince stepped to him, put his everlasting arms under him, embraced him, kissed him, and bid him be of good cheer, for all should be performed according to his word.  He also did kiss, and embrace, and smile upon the other two that were Willbewill’s companions, saying, ‘Take these as further tokens of my love, favour, and compassions to you; and I charge you that you, Mr. Recorder, tell in the town of Mansoul what you have heard and seen.’