Saturday 21 October 2023


Revelation 5 verse 12

The Lamb is worthy to receive

Power, since in weakness He was here,

Upon a cross of shame;

There what no other could achieve

He did,extinguishing death's fear

For those who own His Name.

The Lamb is worthy to receive

Riches, because He came to dwell

Among the meek and poor;

Those whom He came to serve believe

That Jesus has done all things well

To save, and bless, and cure.

The Lamb is worthy to receive

Wisdom because in foolishness

He bore the cross in love;

Thus He is able to retrieve

Lost ones, and finally, to bless

With wisdom from above.

The Lamb is worthy to receive

Strength since, as Samson tore the beast,

He rent death's power away;

That which bereft He has bereaved

And gives us honey as a feast

Out of His victory.

The Lamb is worthy to receive

Honour, when He shall come again

To where He was despised;

No more to bear our sins, or grieve,

He will take up His right to reign

And be adored and prized.

The Lamb is worthy to receive

Glory, and have the highest place

Among the justified;

His sanctified companions cleave

To Him alone since, through His grace,

They too are glorified.

The Lamb is worthy to receive

Blessing because He came to bless

Through ways of grief and shame;

Bless then the One who chose to leave

The heights of heaven, and confess

The glory of His Name!

Near Bamburgh Castle

Friday 13 October 2023


First, Ararat - God had established
New ground for man; then that mountain
Where He demonstrated the principle
Of sacrifice; at Horeb was founded
New covenant ground; and Zion showed
Mercy's sovereign rights; best things
Of the ancient mountains. But now
Christ is recognised in the mountain
Of legislation; is signified as Son
On the transfiguration mount; while from the great
And high mountain the assembly glory
Shines in its serenity: the precious
Things of the everlasting hills. 

Looking towards Bamburgh Castle

Thursday 5 October 2023


Northumberland Coast, North England

If the lamb's blood around the door

Was answer to immediate need

God strengthened for what lay before:

They had the lamb on which to feed.

Christ has not only set me free

But been the food to nourish me.

God overwhelmed the Egyptians first

So that the victory was complete

Then satisfied His people's thirst

By water wood He showed made sweet.

Because Christ died to make me free

"Christ" sweetens what refreshes me.

Since the brass serpent held their gaze

Though serpent-bitten they could live

And reach soon, in Jehovah's ways,

The well He promised He would give.

Sin in the flesh has been condemned;

The Spirit's grace has been unstemmed.

The Jordan's flooding waters found

A force that they could not withstand,

And once they crossed it on dry ground

They ate the old corn of the land.

Christ and His cross have made me whole,

And Christ in glory feeds my soul.

Sunday 1 October 2023


“Behold, there is a place by Me:

There shalt thou stand upon the rock”
For Jesus suffered to unlock
The blessings in God’s heart for thee.

To answer thy desire to see
God’s glory, now revealed in grace
Effulgently in Jesus’ face -
“Behold there is a place by Me!”

A scion of a noble stock
Of those who are the sons of light
Enter God’s realm for His delight,
“There shalt thou stand upon the rock”.

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