Tuesday 27 September 2016


"Amen, amen",
These were Thy words, O Lord;
And those Thy truth acquired Thee bow
Acknowledging with joy that Thou
Art the Amen.

Faithful and True

Thou wilt come forth to judge;
All powers will bend before Thy might,

All kings be subject to Thy right;

Faithful and True.

Thou art the Word

As come near as a Man;
Through Thee the mind of God is known;
In Thee the min of God is shown:
Thou art the Word.

Sunday 25 September 2016


Christ Jesus came into the world
To save me and you in our sins;
In Him all our guilt is removed;
In Him our new blessing begins.

And thus we rejoice in the Man
Christ Jesus, the ransom for all,
Who faithfully answers God's heart
And faithfully answers our call.

And thus let the mind that was in
Christ Jesus imbue His redeemed,
While He who descended in love
Is daily more fully esteemed.

Rejoice: you are chosen in Him
And reached through His down-stooping ways:
Rejoice: the assembly in Him
Forever will live for His praise.

Thursday 22 September 2016


O Son of David Thou shalt reign
In gracious righteousness
When come to Israel again
To judge and rule and bless.

Wednesday 21 September 2016


Offspring of David all his right
Of kingly power is Thine:
Yet take the sceptre of Thy might
with rights that are divine!

Tuesday 20 September 2016


O Root of David, on God's throne
As Thy deserved reward
We bless Thee that it now is known
Why Thou art David's Lord.

Sunday 18 September 2016


Jesus Christ is the Same
In His Person and powers;
What a glorious Name:
Jesus Christ is the Same!
He who took all our blame
In those three dreadful hours,
Jesus Christ, is the Same
In His Person and powers.

Jesus Christ is the Same
In His grace and His love,
On this earth, where He came,
Jesus Christ is the Same;
From the cross in its shame
To the glory above,
Jesus Christ is the Same
In His grace and His love.

Jesus Christ is the Same
Since He is the I AM;
So in all He became
Jesus Christ is the Same;
Though the One we acclaim
Is our Passover Lamb
Jesus Christ is the Same
Since He is the I AM.

Friday 16 September 2016


Wonderful Teacher, washing my feet,
Working to make my comfort complete,
Blessed example, making us trace
Gestures of mercy, touches of grace.

Thursday 15 September 2016


Glorious Saviour, Bearer of sins,
In Thee my life of glory begins:
For Thou hast saved from judgment and sin
Sought for my soul, and welcomed me in.

Wednesday 14 September 2016


Blessed Redeemer, dying for me,
Shedding Thy blood and setting me free.
Living in glory, coming again:
Thou art the Person worthy to reign.

Saturday 10 September 2016


Our life was moral death, and none could stir it
To answer to the God of love and light;
But the Last Adam is a quickening spirit
Who gave true life, and brought us out of night.

Our sin-bound souls required a liberator
To let us taste the grace God loved to grant;
We learn the blessings through the Mediator
As Spirit of God's better covenant.


Wednesday 7 September 2016


God has a better covenant in in mind
With better promises, now consonant
With Thine own blood, and therefore less confined,
O Mediator of the covenant!

This covenant would be entirely new
Because the first man proved recalcitrant
And through Thy blood this blessing is in view
O Mediator of the covenant!

Through Thee, its spirit, it is always fresh,
A covenant which no one shall supplant,
Inscribed on tables not of stone, but flesh,
O Mediator of the covenant!