Monday 30 May 2016


Going West

and North

In Glen Shiel

The Five Sisters of Kintail
from Mam Ratagan

Looking North from the same point

And West

Jane's view

Turning round from the same spot

South West
Photos from a recent trip to Skye; these are all on the way,
I walked the Five Sisters about forty years ago!

Sunday 29 May 2016


Once unto Israel’s remnant
Thou wast the Coming One
They saw Thee in the temple
And hailed their rising sun;
And still a waiting people
With opened ear and eye
Desire the Coming One’s face
And long to hear His cry.

Friday 27 May 2016


The Nazareaen
Draws out a paean
   Of joyful praise;
Coming in weakness,
Serving in meakness
   In all Thy days.

We own Thy fitness
As Faithful Witness,
   The Risen One;
Now superseding
His prophets’ pleading
   God speaks in Son.

Each an esteemer
Of the Redeemer,
  We bless Thy Name:
Thy blood and dying,
Thy crucifying,
  Secured Thy claim.

Wednesday 25 May 2016


Our Hope, Our Life, Our Lord,
We once were dead in sin,
While Satan reigned within;
Since only Christ could cope
With all our needs, record
He only is our Hope.

Our Life, our Lord, our Hope,
We own that Thou art great,
The One whom we await,
Who, as above earth’s strife,
Sets heaven in our scope
And hast become our Life.

Our Lord, our Hope, our Life,
Soon Thou wilt have Thy bride
In splendour at Thy side:
Now Thou hast Thy reward
In having her as wife:
We live in Thee our Lord.

Sunday 22 May 2016


We bless Thee, the Beginning
Of all that suits God's mind:
A sphere unmarked by sinning,
Where all things are refined;
For Thou art, in perfection,
The source, and root, and spring,
A Man in resurrection
To whom Thy saved ones sing!

Thou end of all man’s action,
And end of all man’s will;
Thou end of sin’s exaction
And all sin would instil;
Thou End of all God’s willing
In all He has designed,
We praise Thee, the fulfilling
Of all that moved God’s mind.

Wednesday 18 May 2016


Thou art the First
In all God’s thoughts and ways:
Who rose first from among the dead,
And as Thou art the church’s Head
We give Thee praise.
We give Thee praise:
Thou wilt not be surpassed,
For all God’s thought and ways depend,
On Thee and in Thee have their end:
Thou art the Last.
The Living One
Alive for endless days;
We bless Thee that God’s ways and thought
Are founded in what Thou hast wrought
And give Thee praise.

Tuesday 17 May 2016


As Israel’s givers would inspect

Herds for the best gift they could find

God chose distinctly from mankind

Thee to be named as “Mine Elect”.

Saturday 14 May 2016


O Originator of all life and breath
Thou, through man’s offences, didst go into death;
Thy disciples witnessed that Thou hast been raised
And we now live though Thee, may Thy Name be praised!

Leader and Completer of faith’s humble way,
Faith now gazes on Thee, Guide for every day;
Faith led Thee to suffer to secure God’s will:
Thou art God’s delight in all that Thou dost fill.
Leader of salvation, for those God made sons,
Suffering for lovers whom man’s glory shuns;
Sympathetic priesthood succours feeble saints,
Bearing with their weakness, easing their complaints.

Leader, Lord, of all things, since at God’s command
Now Thou hast been seated at His own right hand,
Ready to forgive us as our hearts repent,
And to give the Spirit, whom Thy grace has sent.

Wednesday 11 May 2016


Faithful and True
Thou wilt come forth to judge;
All powers will bend before Thy might,
All kings be subject to Thy right;
Faithful and True.

Monday 9 May 2016


Oh glorious though that Thou shouldest come to dwell,
What gloriousness could be more marvellous
Than "God with us"!
But Thou didst come in grace that we might be
Suited to be eternally with Thee.

Saturday 7 May 2016


Thee, the Beloved, we honour with deep adoration;
Worthy art Thou of the height of Thy great exaltation:
Favoured in Thee
We, thy beloved ones see,
What gave thy God delectation.

Thou art "the Son of the Father" and His acclamation
Sounded to Thee at the start of Thy path of salvation;
While from above
He who came down as a dove
Signified heaven's approbation.

Now Thou art Son of His love in Thy great elevation;
Saints, as secured for Thy realm by the Father's translation,
Come out of night
Into Thy kingdom of light,
Praise Thee with great celebration.

"The Beloved" - Ephesians 1
"The Son of the Father" - 2 John
"The Son of His love" - Colossians 1

This goes to "Victory", etc.  See

Tuesday 3 May 2016


As we consider all Thy majesty
How right it is that praises should ascend!
But Thou art also, in humility,
The Friend.
As we considered Thy humility
As in this scene where men would scoff and mock
We see in its impregnability
The Rock.

We see in its impregnability
The kingdom which Thy righteousness doth bring
And contemplate in all Thy majesty
The King.



Sunday 1 May 2016


We think of where Thy path led 
 - Thy cross, Thy death, Thy grave -
But now Thou art ascended
   Omnipotent to save;
Thou now art our Forerunner
   In heaven to prepare
A place for all thy brethren,
   A place that we shall share.