Saturday, 26 December 2009


Those crucified with Him reproached Him too,
But one soul worked, God‑guided, towards the truth.
"Father, forgive them ‑ they know not what they do"
‑ Was that the word through which change was produced
So that the thief confessed death was his due
While Jesus was in every action good?
That Jesus was the Lord he also knew
And longed to see Christ's kingdom introduced.
The Lord did not delay the joyful news
That paradise followed what he endured:
But more than that He was the Saviour who
Would be with him, his righteousness secured.


  1. dear david..i have always loved this story.
    as a child when the speaker would tell us to turn to luke 23, i would just wait and hope that he would say, "and verse 39".
    i so loved the way that the thief turned to the lord jesus in his dying hour and was saved!
    i never knew till years later that
    "The thieves also, which were crucified with him, cast the same in his teeth."
    just to think that the thief had still been cursing jesus and he had such a short time to live.
    oh such a miracle that the lord loved the likes of that thief and the likes of me!
    this scripture is so useful to tell people that heaven cannot be bought with money and that even though the thief was never baptised or was able to do any good works, jesus still took him to paradise.
    oh i am so happy that i had the time to come here tonight david because i will take these thoughts within my heart tomorrow to the worship meeting....god bless you dear brother..from terry

    ps..i will be happy when the holidays are over and i have more time to come here and read your most wonderful posts david.

  2. Good blog about Christian poetry. Merry Christmas to you. All the best for the next year.

    If you have time, please review of my musing about the genuine spirit of Christmas (I wrote it last year). I like to know how you think about it at:


  3. Tikno,

    Thank you; I had a look and thoroughly agree that what matters in the coming in of the Saviour of the world. So I don't make much of Christmas, which doesn't have a basis in the Scriptures. What we are asked to do is to remember Him, which I gladly do week by week.


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