Thursday, 28 March 2013


The Tree of Life planted within the garden
Was even then attractionless to Adam
And when at length the Lord was seen in manhood,
One Sprout of green, within a desert landscape,
Men saw no beauty and found Him unattractive.
But by God's grace saved from the power of darkness
Our taste is changed with all our hearts' reactions
So that to Christ our new affections answer:
We are replete in scenes that once seemed barren.
We love the Olive Tree whence we gain fatness;
We love the sweetness hung in the Fig Tree's branches;
We love the Vine which moves our hearts to gladness.


  1. Very well written, it's exciting how everything changes when we have Christ in our lives. God has been truly gracious to us, have a blessed Easter.

  2. Love this poem! It speaks to my heart. David, I placed your book on my blog and I have added it to my daily readings. Blessings!


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