Tuesday, 26 March 2013


This is the Man for whom our hearts are waiting:
The Man who is the Lord Jesus Christ Saviour,
Who will effect the final transformation
Of these, the bodies of our humiliation
To be like His in final conformation
According to His power for subjugation.
And while that moment is still anticipated
We grow in knowledge of all His undertakings
But, more than that, of His abundant graces,
Seeking to keep the word of Jesus' patience,
Craving perfection of partly known relations:
To Him be glory throughout eternal ages!

This comes from, "for *our* commonwealth has its existence in [the] heavens, from which also we await the Lord Jesus Christ [as] Saviour", the '[as]' being an addition to clarify, and it has been suggested that the whole really is one title.


I'm glad to hear how this strikes you!