Friday, 29 March 2013


Since He accomplished all the redeeming work
And since it is the right of His own worth
The Lord is set on the Father's throne above:
In that position Christ Jesus is the hub
Of a new system to which He is the Sun -   
He orders each in his own orbit's curve.
If we are true no influence will perturb
No falling star will move us or disrupt
But we shall share the benefits of love:
To gain His light where once we had been dull,
To gain His warmth where bitter frosts occurred,
To gain His peace which nothing can disturb.


  1. To gain His love which destroys all bitterness
    To hear His word and increase in courage
    To know He is present and enjoy the confidence that proceeds therefrom
    To trust Him,
    To trust Him...
    And To trust Him. Amen


I'm glad to hear how this strikes you!