Friday, 15 March 2013


What of His face which He had firmly set
To go God's way towards Jerusalem?
Such was the hate and bitterness of men
None will be marred as His was marred again;
No visage was so marred as His and yet
His look of love caused Peter to repent.
But God ensured after the Lord's ascent
Stephen should see its glory from the earth:
While with no veil but glory evident
We look to heaven and gaze upon Him there,
Subjected thus to metamorphoses,
So that His glory is more and more expressed.

Off to Knutsford for a few days - so I don't expect to be posting.
Can I recommend Broken Chariots


  1. Hello David!
    I received your book! It is a wonderful tribute to Christ! Could you add a "follow by email" and "blog badge" to your blog? This will allow me to sign-up for your new posts and place your blog badge on my site. I have added, "Vessel," to my morning readings. Thank you, for your inspiration! ~Cynthia

  2. I was really blessed by Broken Chariots... thanks for the link.


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