Sunday, 29 November 2009


Return to the particular:
There is a grave beside a wall
Near where the waters rise and fall,
Tidally, by the river Yar.

Life has its rising swells of hope
And if these sink in ebbs of care
We normally avoid despair,
Struggle a bit, and learn to cope.

Marina does not have the joy
Of hope, nor does she crave success
And watch its rising happiness,
As the tide bears an air-filled bouy.

Marina does not have to drudge
Bailing the waters from her boat
To keep her ebbing dreams afloat
Until they founder in the sludge.

1 comment:

  1. marina is of the sea and now she is in the great sea of love in the land of her Father.
    in some ways i envy her and wish at times that i was away from all of these cares,despairs,struggles and cravings that you write about david.
    our great hope that the lord will come soon and very soon gives us the desire to keep on keepng on!..........from terry


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