Thursday, 26 November 2009


And dear Louisa, you have been
The comfort of your mother's heart,
A vivid, loving counterpart
Of shades of what she might have seen.

Yet since you're like a little elf
Grinning at us your impish grin,
Eyes shining out the sprite within,
We gladly see you as yourself.

Plough your own furrow, straight and sure;
Go by the tenor of your way
But as a pilgrim tread, and pray
To keep your mind and motives pure.

Work only for your Lord's renown,
Composing all things for His praise,
Till from Him, as, through grace, you gaze
On Him, you will receive your crown.

Louisa was born about two years after Marina. Whether she would like to be compared to an elf now I doubt!

1 comment:

  1. dear the sounds of it louisa IS an elf!
    what a treasure for her to have when she is older..this beautiful poem!
    ha! have given her the right advice and she wil not go wrong if she follows it because her name means "famous warrior"..!
    god bless...from terry


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