Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Dear Barrie and Susanna, You
May wonder as the years go by,
Missing that little sister, why
This was the course God would pursue.

God leads His own through many a test
To teach His people that they must
Lean upon Him and learn to trust
The love whose way is always best.

If from known fields where they have been
A shepherd one day leads his flock
Among coarse thistle and dry rock
The fields beyond are rich and green.

And when you have an easier way
Remember still that God, in love,
Observes your pathway from above
Longing to see you trust and pray.


  1. I'm learning to trust Him in my trials and in my good days.

  2. dear david..what a sweet poem for barrie and susanna!
    i am so glad that marina's mom and dad have these two children.
    it will be hard for these little ones to understand but i am sure that the good shepherd will lead them along and i am sure their friend david will be praying for both them and their grieving parents.
    these poems which the lord has given you will be surely treasured through the time until they see marina's happy face in heaven,
    god bless you david...from terry

  3. Thank you David for visiting my blog and leaving a comment and a scripture verse for me. I am pleased to meet you and read your beautiful poetry.

    Lee Ann


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