Saturday 21 November 2009


Tottering forth she would have found
New lands to conquer every day;
And reaping in her fields of play
Have set her feet on firmer ground.

She would have brought her faculties
Within her ego's vassalage;
Like tropes deployed upon a page
She would have been her personal traits.

But, like us, going her own way
She would have trudged the wilderness
Till met by One intent to bless
Who bent her heart and knees to pray.

And as a shepherdess her skill
Might have secured her little fold:
Her fable was more briefly told,
Since this desire was not God's will.

1 comment:

  1. dear david...this is becoming such a memorial to little marina.
    your poetry of her is bringing to light what a precious little girl she is and a precious soul.
    i think that it will surely be a pleasure to meet her heaven.....god bless you...
    have a blessed lords day.
    from terry


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