Sunday 24 April 2022


Poor weak and silly mortals, who conceived 
Too foolishly of God while they believed 
That this divinity could be confined 
To any of those places they assigned, 
When even Heaven, which doth this globe embrace, 
Cannot hold Him who yet fills every place, 
Still present in the earth, the sea, the air, 
Not bounded, nor excluded anywhere, 
He in kings’ courts and great assemblies dwells, 
In private houses, and obscured cells. 
His presence over the whole world extends, 
And He to every single heart descends. 
Before designs to their ripe birth are brought, 
He’s at their first conception in the thought, 
And when the black deeds are brought forth, not night 
Nor darkness can obscure them from His sight. 
Yet though He all men’s inclinations knows, 
He often makes experiment of those 
Who boast His name, that when their weak holds fail, 
They, finding mortals’ best perfections frail, 
More humbly may to the Almighty bend 
And upon His, not their own strength depend. 

From Lucy Hutchinson Canto 15: 31-52

Loch Katrine


  1. God's creation cannot contain Him; it dwells within all that He is.
    Blessings, David!

  2. Wonderful thanx. Great photography.

    God bless.

  3. Thank you David. My comment has vanished.

    God bless.


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