Thursday, 7 April 2022


Near Callander

Thou Pow'r Omnipotent, supremely just;
Parent of Nature, never failing trust!
Incline thine ear, and graciously impart,
Thy holy dictates to direct my heart :
Enlighten'd by the rays of holy writ.
Implicit I obey, and meek submit;
From clear conviction, that thy wise decrees. 
Are ministers of good and future ease.
Thy providential care supplies our need ; 
What Pow'r but thee, could form, protect, and feed? 
Diffusive blessings, Virtue, Peace, and Health, 
Are far superior to superfluous wealth: 

Wealth, which vain mortals seek, to shun disgrace,

Ascribed to Poverty's neglected race.
Creator infinite! thy works proclaim,
In gratulations high, thy glorious Name!

The Sun's bright orb, and Moon's reflected light.
And Planetary system charm the sight:
The feather'd choir, in sweet harmonic lays.

Join in full chorus to resound thy praise:
Each Beast, and Insect, all that breathe or move.
Excite our wonder, and the Godhead prove.
The various Elements, and glowing Mine,
With Vegetation fair, are gifts divine.
The Seasons as they change, with grace appear.

And form the beauties of the solar year.
Eternal Source! these blessings I explore,
Thy love paternal, zealously adore;
Inspire my heart with gratitude sincere,
Perfect obedience, reverential fear!
Can Man, thy last and noblest work, refuse

The tribute of applause, thy gifts abuse?
Endow’d with pow’rs to fit him for the skies,
Tho’ mortal in his nature, formed to rise;
But yet deprav’d, degen’rate, weak, and vain,
Prone to transgress, and rectitude disdain;
He needs correction, and provokes thine ire,
He wishes to escape the vengeful fire;
Mistakes the means, nor sees th’important end,
Embraces foes, and spurns his faithful friend.
Fetter’d by Sin, of Innocence bereft,
What hope of pardon, could he then have left?
Yet Thou in mercy, and transcendent love,
Sent his Redeemer from the realms above.
Lord, what is Man, that Thou in pity gave,
Thy only Son, his forfeit soul to save!
All die in Adam, yet in Christ all live;
And for his sake, our flagrant sins forgive!
Accept his ransom, to redeem our loss,
His precepts we revere, and bear his cross;
In him alone we trust to plead our cause,
As vile transgressors of thy sacred laws!
Father of light! Jehovah! Holy King!
To whom th’angelic host enraptured sing,
To thy Omnipotence, let incense rise,
From earth thy footstool, to thy Throne the Skies!

Ann Murry (1750 to after 1818)

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  1. I couldn't agree more with every word written here. It speaks of the beauty of God's creation and His way of bringing sinful man back to Himself.


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