Saturday, 15 May 2021


Help me, Lord Jesus, to provide
The wood offering - to maintain
What is for thy service, without
Pretension, to dependably
Supply unmemorable and
Unsung effort. As others have
Laboured, their names now known only
To God, make me expendable,
Reduced to ash. As Urijah
Would not act for his own comfort
If the Ark and God’s people were
In the fields, even if it meant
His death. As Naboth of Jizreel
Would not abandon his father’s land
Whatever the cost - even if
It meant his death. As Christ’s bondman
Paul spent and was spent, night and day,
That God’s service should continue,
That God’s testimony remain,
Even to the point of his death.

The wood-offering is mentioned in Nehemiah 13, which is the last historical chapter in the Old Testament, just before hidden years until the Lord's first coming.

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  1. It is often in the unsung labor that God's saints go marching on.
    Blessings, David!


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