Sunday 9 May 2021


Whitehill House, Midlothian

To make the Ark  required acacia wood:
A supple wood,  well able to endure
And thus to bear  the testimony through.
The copper altar  required acacia too
To bear the fire  and all the heat produced
That God’s delight  should daily be ensured.
But this wood also  standing as it was hewn
Formed boards by which  the tabernacle stood
Since only this  in all its strength conduced
To form the tent  which God Himself would choose.

One kind of Man  could be before God’s heart:
Suited to God  within His inner Man.
Only the Christ  could be the perfect Ark,
One kind of Man  in sufferings and charm
Clears the approach  by which we may advance
To God’s abode  where we may boldly stand.
One kind of manhood  alone is consonant
With Christ Himself  and God can rest in that.
Men after Christ  now have their heavenly part
Which will remain  when death and sin are past.


  1. Jesus . . . our perfect Ark.
    Blessings, David!

  2. Yes, only Jesus could be the perfect Ark, saving us!
    David, I received your reply to Psalm 100 in my mail, but somehow it does not show up on YouTube, so I cannot reply, sorry.


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