Sunday, 2 May 2021



Amid man’s constant grappling,
His insolence and fraud
Christ was a tender sapling
Before the eye of God.

He did not take resources
From man’s domain of dearth -
But drew from heavenly sources
Untrammelled by this earth.

And God’s heart was observant
Of that exotic Shoot,
The One who was His Servant,
Who rendered God His fruit.

Here He was the Succeeder
In God’s eternal plan -
His bearing as the cedar,
Our Bridegroom, and God’s Man.

Nations will find Him tender
As He returns to stanch
Their wounds when come in splendour -
“The Man whose name is Branch”.

In power He will have finished
Man’s wilfulness and strife;
Men will taste undiminished
Fruit from the Tree of Life.


  1. Amen. Love the 2nd stanza. And the last 2 lines are so exciting, for we will again have a chance to eat from only the Tree of Life, this time without any chance of a mistaken choice. Hallelujah! ~ Sandi ~

  2. Excellent poem, David! He is the True Branch, and only in Him can we bear fruit. What a blessing awaits us in the New Jerusalem, with the Tree of Life providing healing for all the nations! God bless,

  3. This is absolutely beautiful, David. Yes, Jesus is our Tree of Life.

  4. This is a lovely poem David, speaking about the eternal life that lies ahead in Jesus. God bless you with all He has for us in Jesus.

  5. `He drew from heavenly sources` , amen. Good for us to do so as well! Blessings!


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