Wednesday 24 October 2012


Thinking of God, and noticing His ways,
As shown to me by Jesus, His own Son,
My soul has been not only moved to praise,

That I should know the ways of such a One,
But moved to love, considering the heart
(Filled with desire that when these ways were done

I, as myself a son, should have a part
In His eternal presence, being too
Integral in Christ's glorious counterpart  

The splendid bride, joined to the Bridegroom who
Gave all for her) which, from profound affection,
Conceived and used these ways to carry through

Those whom He loved into complete perfection,
Washed from their sins, cleared from the power of sin,
Knowing His love, in Christ, the Resurrection

And in the arms of God, who drew them in
To His own countenance. No other mind
Could, straining to its greatest heights, begin

To think of such a plan as this, designed
By such a God; no other heart required
Such a conception for its unconfined

Expanse of love; no other love inspired
Such love as that by which God's sons are fired.

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