Friday, 5 October 2012


A Man has followed a lonely way -
Like a clear stream unaffected
By the surrounding soils,
Reflecting and scintillating under
The blue of heaven - God
Was glorified in that life.

A Man has come to a lonely cross -
There, the object of smiting,
Man's malice against goodness; then
God's righteous sword smiting
The Substitute - God
Was glorified in that death.

A Man has risen from amongst the dead -
Risen, since death's grip is shattered,
Raised by the glory of the Father
Who loved; made alive -
In the Spirit - God
Was glorified in that rising.

A Man has ascended above all heavens -
Captivity has been led captive,
He has been made both Lord and Christ,
The Father has rejoiced to give Him
A place on His throne - God
Was glorified in that ascension.

A Man on the throne has given -
The Holy Spirit of God,
The knowledge of divine purposes,
The grace and gifts required
To sustain His people here: God
Is glorified in that giving.

A Man is coming to reign -
The earth will blossom for Him,
The blossom will fertilise,
The fruits will swell and ripen
In luscious abundance - God
Will be glorified in that dominion.

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