Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Jesus is my Saviour, Jesus is my Friend,
Jesus is my Shepherd, guiding to the end;
Jesus is my Master, Jesus is my Lord,
Jesus is my Shield and very great Reward;
Jesus is my Sunshine, Jesus is my Day,
Jesus is my Leader in the heavenly way.

Do you know the Saviour? Do you have a Friend?
Do you know the Man on whom you can depend?
Do you know the Master? Do you call Him Lord?
Are you bound to Jesus by faith's eternal cord?
Do you walk in sunshine? Do you know the day
Which goes and brightens to eternity.

He will be your Saviour if you trust in Him:
He will give you sunshine which will never dim;
When you know the Master, when you know the Lord
You with those who love him will sing with one accord:
"Jesus is my Saviour, Jesus is my Friend,
Jesus is my Shepherd guiding to the end!"

1 comment:

  1. Love this poem, every word so true, and it brings
    much honor and glory to the Lord.

    Thanks for stopping by my Thankful Thursday post today..........

    Blessings Abundant to you and your Rosie.

    We have a Rosie too, but she is our fury grandaughter dog..........see why we are
    so excited for the real grandaughter!! lol


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