Tuesday 19 January 2010


Lying in a manger
Has been found
Christ the Lord.

He has gone to the Jordan
And heard there a sound
Acclaiming from heaven.

He has been driven
To the harsh ground
Of the wilderness.

Upon the mountains He made
His disciples understand
The texture of His rule.

Returned to the plain
He, with strong tender hand,
Healed many infirm.

His voice from the ship
Brought to those on the land
The timbre of His rule.

He came to the garden.
There love constrained

He came to the cross.
There the only Unstained
Bore sins, and grief, and pain.

They bore Him to the grave.
Death restrained
Till He dissolved its bond.

In the garden
One who one moment bemoaned
In the next rejoiced in Him living.

Among His brethren,
Those whom He owned,
Beheld Him risen.

Now by God’s right hand
Is Christ the Victor.

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