Friday, 1 January 2010


(for Catriona)

A new year has begun: after the years
Of human patience, folly and endeavour -
Salted with sea-spray, human blood, and tears -
Which had their spring-tide but have ebbed forever.
Fragments of lives, famous, worthwhile or dull
Strand on the shifting dunes we call "today";
We beach-comb through sea-sculpted drift to cull
Some shards we dignify as "history".

But through the moon-tossed sea and wind-blown sand
Pierces the Rock: we turn as do the tides
But Christ remains. We may not understand
Yet apprehend that He who now presides
Above the orb of time invaded time
In love that is eternal and sublime.

14 years later she's off with her family to India, still studying history.


  1. Wow, your ways with words never cease to amaze me Sir.

    I Pray you had an awesome Christmas and New Year's celebration.

    I would like to say Thank you so much for supporting 31 Days thanksgiving posts, God indeed was glorified. Your comments also made me smile and I'm sure made God smile too.

    I pray that this year is your greatest year yet, and that God suprises you with even more depth of His love and faithfulness. I pray that He will continue to perfect everything concerning you and those around you. I really appreciate your support.

    I look forward to another year blogging / writing alongside you; sharing God's love, faithfulness, and the perfect future He has for us all.

    Much love x

  2. dear david..this sure is a deep one!
    this one i will have to come back to and read again!!
    i would love to go to india if it met that i could meet my dear friend amrita and her mama and her sheeba doggie!
    they have been my friends for quite a while now.
    god bless you and bless the gift that god has given to you david for his glory...from terry

  3. 4 weeks today I'm off to India, if the Lord will. I'm afraid I'll be a few thousand miles from Allahabad. But I expect to see many faithful Christians - a lot I've seen before, and a lot more too!


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