Sunday, 31 January 2010


I am plucked
From the swelling sea
Through the long arm
Of His mercy.

I am carried
Through the wilderness
To His own house
By the strong arm
Of His grace.

I am embraced
Into His house
By the warm arm
Of His love.


  1. His Long, Strong, Warm Arm... amen...

  2. dear david...praise the lord he has plucked us from that raging sea and we are being carried though the wilderness. we have no choice but to be carried because once we are in his strong hands, nobody can pluck us out of them..not even ourselves!
    of course the last verse here is me you know, because i am that prodigal that he threw his arms around me and saved me and took me home for a huge feast!
    thanks for such lovely words david...isn't it just something that he has cast ALL of our sins into the depths of the sea and he will remember them no more?!..from terry


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