Saturday, 7 May 2016


Thee, the Beloved, we honour with deep adoration;
Worthy art Thou of the height of Thy great exaltation:
Favoured in Thee
We, thy beloved ones see,
What gave thy God delectation.

Thou art "the Son of the Father" and His acclamation
Sounded to Thee at the start of Thy path of salvation;
While from above
He who came down as a dove
Signified heaven's approbation.

Now Thou art Son of His love in Thy great elevation;
Saints, as secured for Thy realm by the Father's translation,
Come out of night
Into Thy kingdom of light,
Praise Thee with great celebration.

"The Beloved" - Ephesians 1
"The Son of the Father" - 2 John
"The Son of His love" - Colossians 1

This goes to "Victory", etc.  See

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