Saturday, 14 May 2016


O Originator of all life and breath
Thou, through man’s offences, didst go into death;
Thy disciples witnessed that Thou hast been raised
And we now live though Thee, may Thy Name be praised!

Leader and Completer of faith’s humble way,
Faith now gazes on Thee, Guide for every day;
Faith led Thee to suffer to secure God’s will:
Thou art God’s delight in all that Thou dost fill.
Leader of salvation, for those God made sons,
Suffering for lovers whom man’s glory shuns;
Sympathetic priesthood succours feeble saints,
Bearing with their weakness, easing their complaints.

Leader, Lord, of all things, since at God’s command
Now Thou hast been seated at His own right hand,
Ready to forgive us as our hearts repent,
And to give the Spirit, whom Thy grace has sent.

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