Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Conscious of the love of Jesus
I would be a man like John,
Close to Christ when he is leading,
All my wish to follow on;
I would lean on Him at supper,
Strengthened by his loving heart;
I would gain from Him the answers
Which His loving would impart.

Week by week He gives His supper
To remind me of His love
And the boundless grace which brought Him
Down to earth from heaven above,
How He gave the precious body
Which God’s wisdom had prepared,
Shed His blood to buy and save us
That God’s love should be declared.

In His love the Lord has given
His own Spirit as my guide;
One who will be with and in me,
Who will graciously abide;
He is working to conform me
To my Master’s ways and thought
Till throughout eternal ages
All shall see what grace has wrought.

In His love the Lord now serves me
So that I am fit to share
Joys and blessings of affection
He rejoices to prepare;
And it pleases Him to make me
Part of His beloved wife;
For whose sake, in love’s perfection,
He delivered up His life.

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