Sunday, 27 July 2014


O Lord, with hearts adoring,
We travel back to see
Where love divine, unmeasured,
Expressed itself in Thee.

That  dark and lonely valley,
O'er which death's shadow fell;
The cross, where, ranged against Thee,
Stood all the powers of hell.

Oh, what a shroud of darkness
O'er all the scene was thrown;
Whilst Thou, the Light effulgent,
Dwelt in the grave, alone!

But bright indeed the dawning
Of resurrection's day -
Death's power for ever broken,
Sin's thraldom done away.

Now linked with Thee for ever,
In risen life we stand;
And, loved by Thee, we enter
E'en now the heavenly land.

Beneath Thy waving banner,
We sit, secure and free;
And view, with joy and wonder,
Love's triumph, Lord, in Thee!

Hymn by Thomas Willey

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