Friday, 4 July 2014


My past was dealt with in the work
Of Jesus on the cross;
Now no sins mar, and no doubts lurk
While gain replaces loss.

My future is to be with Him
Among the saints in light;
No earthly saints or cherubim
Have hopes that are so bright.

While for the present I have Christ
As Model for my way,
And grace lest I should be enticed
To dally or to stray.

Christ is my help if it should be
I feel I cannot cope;
It is His face I long to see:
He is my present Hope.

And I have Christ my Lord on high
As Advocate and Priest,
And source of grace on whose supply
I bountifully feast.

I have a place in Christ before
The Father as a son;
The Spirit brings stupendous store
Straight from the heavenly One.


  1. Beautiful poem! Thanks for your comment. I needed to be reminded of Grace.

  2. That is beautiful, David, so delightfully reassuring and filled with hope! Thank you for your comment on my blog. I enjoyed reading some of your poetry and look forward to reading more. God bless you!


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