Monday, 2 June 2014


"We see Jesus ... crowned with glory and honour", Hebrews 2: 9

O Lord with joy we hail Thee now,
"The Firstborn from the dead";
The Victor's crown is rightly place
Upon Thy head.

The key of hades and of death
Are in Thy hand, O Lord!
Thou are the mighty Conqueror,
Be Thou adored!

The Father's glory claimed Thee, Lord,
When all Thy work was done;
And death no longer could detain
His Holy One.

And now the Father finds His rest
In Thee, the glorified;
While to our heart Thou art more dear
Than all beside.

Thou, Lord, our satisfaction art,
The well-spring of our joy;
Thy praises shall, through endless days,
Our lips employ.

(This is another by T Willey, published in "The Songs of the Lord", 1931.)

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