Monday, 23 June 2014


(An imitation)

The Judge enthroned on high,
One God who made all things;
He is the Lord of kings,
The Judge enthroned on high.

Sweet in heaven’s citadel
He makes the light descend;
Beginning and the End
Sweet in heaven’s citadel.

All things make manifest
His power, with one accord;
The holy King our Lord
All things make manifest.

Man’s error turned and fled
When Christ the Healer came;
When Christ bore sin and shame
Man’s error turned and fled.

The Father’s chosen One
Has challenged death alone;
He is upon the throne
The Father’s chosen One.

The beaten serpent groans
And Christ is Lord of all;
While heaven’s beams enthrall
The beaten serpent groans.

Good folk in sweet repose
Enjoy their endless rest;
By those the Lord is blessed
Good folk in sweet repose.

Raising their faithful words
They voice their royal songs:
Behold the heavenly throngs
Raising their faithful words.

To Thee, majestic Lord,
With stately songs they sing;
Unceasing praise they bring
To Thee, majestic Lord!

(Derived from a hymn from before 800 A.D.)

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